Friday, May 17, 2013

Don't hold your breath.

I haven't written a blog post in so long, I don't know that I remember how to even write. My last post was in January and quite a bit has happened since January.

I intended to keep this blog as a journal to remember things that our Hadley girl does and says. To remember the things we do as a family. But I haven't kept up with it well, at all. I've just been living life and enjoying the memories. I just hope one day I don't forget ;)

Let's see. In February... (btw, I don't know how to spell February. I always misspell it. Spell check is always quick to remind me. Sad part is, my birthday is in February.)

*I got into a car wreck -- THE DAY AFTER MY BIRTHDAY, nonetheless. Don't worry: It was not my fault. The other people did have insurance. I was ok {minus the sprained ankle that still hurts}.

*Hadley wore her first pair of overalls. She calls overalls "papa's" because her Papa Ronnie wears them. Papa's are her favorite thing to wear if she has a choice.

*Hadley also rode a horse for the first time {the same day she wore her "papa's" for the first time}. She was supposed to be having "Daddy Day," but that quickly turned into a day trip to Locust Grove with her grandparents to go see her cousins and aunt and uncle. They have a few horse at their house. Hadley now loves riding horses. But when you ask her if she wants a horse she says, "No. Laun Laun." I guess she figures she doesn't need one because Aunt Laun Laun has a horse for her to ride.

*I started this thing called the L.O.V. {Lifestyle of Vitality} Challenge. It is a fitness/health challenge. It started Feb. 16 then I got into the car wreck Feb. 18. So The Challenge has been quite the challenge. From the car wreck, I got a sprained ankle with soft tissue tearing. It doesn't sound that bad, but it was horrible. So much so that I had to wear a walking cast {THE BOOT!} for almost two months. Then I have also been sick at least once a month since October. Long story short: I had pneumonia and no one knew. It was never properly diagnosed or treated. Doing The Challenge has been a real struggle for me. I wasn't able to start the way I wanted. I've been sick the entire time. I haven't gotten the results that I've wanted {which I do know is also because I haven't taken responsibility and changed my eating like I should have...Hello.}And quite honestly, I hate being as busy as it makes me. The Challenge involves: ZUMBA, Personal Training, working out on your own, food log conversations, cooking classes, guest speakers, styling sessions. I mean, really it's amazing. It really is. But I hate being busy. There have been many occasions that I want to quit. But I figure even if I haven't gotten the results I wanted or have had many set backs, the least I can do is finish.

In March...

*Hadley started sleeping on a pillow like a big girl.

*We had Easter. The Easter bunny brought Hadley a pretty nice basket of goodies. She got some: Bible story books, side walk chalk, a new Dora cup, stickers, a cookies&creme candy bunny, a stuffed bunny {who she thinks is the real Easter bunny}, a Dora hat, and a new pair of sandals for summer. Oh, and I can't forget, some caramel filled chocolate eggs. She had four of those stinkin' eggs before we even made it out of the door for church. I don't think she has ever eaten so much candy in her little life. After church we went to my grandparents house for lunch. She got to play outside with her cousin Grace and her new side walk chalk, which she loved!

In April...

*We had a Mommy/Hadley date and went to Chik-Fil-A, played, then went to Target. Baby girl loves Target :)

*April was also a pretty crazy month for our family. Lee's Great-Grandmother {91 years old} became very sick. She had a hernia on her side that was no longer operable. Periodically, the hernia would become infected and cause her problems. Daily it caused her physical pain because it was so large and heavy that it hurt her back. To make a long story short, her body became septic with toxins. She was in the hospital for about a week, but after a long battle with this hernia and Alzheimer's and dementia, we lost sweet Nanny Von. But because we know she had a relationship with the Lord, it was not hard to see her go. Of course, you never want to lose a family member or someone you love, but you don't want to see them suffer either. She went peacefully. I really feel like Hadley understood what happened. Maybe not to the full extent, but she understands. She tells me {almost daily} that Grandma {or as she says "Mom-Mom"} is with Jesus. She knows.

Now we are in May. So far...

*Hadley discovered that there is an ambulance truck at The Grand, in the Kids Club. She claims this truck to be her "Daddy truck!" She doesn't think anyone else should get to play with this truck. If they do she screams "HEY!! MINE!! Daddy truck!!!"

*Hadley and Helton had a popcorn party!

*We celebrated our 2nd {I guess, technically third?!} Mother's Day. "Hadley" got me a new iPhone. Bless her heart :) She made me a craft at church that she is very proud of, still today.

*Hadley experienced her first Zumba {or as she says, "MOOBA"} class. I was going to leave her in Kids Club, but she cried when I tried to leave her and I felt bad for the girl working because she was already supposed to be off work. I ended up taking Hadley with me to our meeting before Zumba. Then we went upstairs to Zumba. I'm not sure what she thought Zumba was because when we got there she kept asking for it. For the first two songs, she just sat on the mats in the corner. Then I told her that Zumba is a dance class. She said "ok" and got up and preceeded to dance the rest of the class. She was so hilarious. And so GOOD! She tried to do all the moves. When we left she was all sweaty and kept rubbing her legs saying "OW!" I guess she worked out pretty hard. She talked about Zumba the rest of the night and the next day.

*As of two days ago, I had to take Hadley to Urgent Care because she had been acting funny for two days. Then she started running fever. Then I saw white spots on her tongue. STREP! Now she is on antibiotics and is acting much better. I know strep is miserable so I feel bad for her :( We've been spending lots of time at home...playing and napping.

We are going on a weekend "vacation" next weekend to celebrate our anniversary. We aren't doing anything big or fancy. We are just heading to the city to visit some friends. We didn't do anything last year so we figured we could do a little something this year. Hopefully I'll update again soon. But don't hold your breath. You'll probably pass out before that happens ;)