Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT! If...

*We let Hadley go "swimming" last night in the pool and the water was 74 degrees. She had the time of her life kicking and splashing!

*I'm more excited about Lee's party on Sunday than he is ;)

*I'm getting addicted to needing wanting a Pepsi everyday, like people drink coffee every day.

*Hadley girl is a little piggy and ate a huge portion of her steamed veggies for dinner. That container was supposed to last two or three days. She ate them all.

*I write things on my "to-do" list that I know I've already done just so I can mark it off. HA!

What are you saying SO WHAT! to today?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

steps 1-2-3

Part of my "job" as a SAHM (stay at home mom) is cleaning the house...laundry...dishes...etc. I am very capable of doing most of those things. Actually, I'm capable of doing all of those things. Except when they all need to be done at the same time :-/ 

I'm the worst at procrastination of housework. I know this is something I rant and rave about on here all the time. But I really just can't stand it. And to those of you that know me very well, that statement comes as no surprise. As my husband so lovingly put it one evening, I am the "least motivated person" he knows. HAHA! To some that may be offensive. I, on the other hand, busted out in laughter because it is TRUE! :) 

I hate anything that requires more than one step. For example, if the laundry could fold itself and put itself away - I could totally wash and dry clothes all day, every day! No biggie! But that just isn't the case.

Then there are the dishes. I rinse the dishes. I put the dishes in the dishwasher. I tell myself "I'll start it right before bed." IT NEVER FAILS- I always forget to start the dishwasher!!!! 

Anything that has more than one step, leaves time for my mind to wander.

Dusting - I can do. 
Vacuuming - Got it! 
Putting toys away - No biggie.
 Making the bed - totally sometimes happens!

But when there is step 1-2-3...

Clothes sit in the laundry baskets for days weeks waiting to be folded.
Dishes sit in the dishwasher waiting to be washed.
It's a problem.

Then I see things like this on Pinterest. This chart is supposed to help you clean a little bit every day so your house stays clean from day to day.   

YEAH - RIGHT!!! First of all, the chart gives me a headache just reading it. Second of all, cleaning is never just "30 minutes" with a 10 month old chasing you around screaming "ma ma ma ma, baby! ma ma ma ma!"

I tell myself every week, "Next time, I'll fold laundry as I go." Never happens. I tell myself, "I'm going to just pause the dishwasher for a minute and re-start it." Never happens. 

I need to make goals to keep my house cleaner so I can spend more time playing and less time worrying about cleaning. 

But as I sit here and read all the "complaining" I just did about cleaning, I guess I should be thankful I have all these things to even worry about keeping clean. 

Thankful we have a house.
Thankful we have food to dirty up our dishes.
Thankful for a husband who has a job to provide for us and make his clothes dirty so that they need washed. 

hmm.. I guess steps 1-2-3 could be worse

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

I follow another blog that does "So What! Wednesday." I always look forward to reading her "So What! Wednesday" posts, each week. She is pretty hilarious. I don't know how to "link up." Nor do I know how to post the linky to my page, but I'm going to start doing So What! Wednesday too, Lord willing I remember! HAHA! We all know how "Friday Favorites" go or don't go for that matter.

This week I'm saying SO WHAT! if...
*'s 5 pm and I'm just now considering taking a shower.

*...I'm thinking about ordering pizza for dinner because I do not feel like cooking.

*...I would rather watch Food Network re-runs all day than actually be productive.

*...I always tell myself "I'll fold laundry as I go!" and it never happens. 
(That basket of clean clothes in the other room is haunting me!)

*...I'm super excited about a baby shower this weekend and getting to see old college friends

What are you saying SO WHAT! today?

Friday, April 13, 2012

10 months: little love letters

You turned ten months old on Friday the thirteenth! How fun...and freaky!! :)

*You did not have a well-child check up this month. I am not 100% sure of your weight and length.
*You are comfortably wearing size 6-9 month onesies and pants. You wear the occasional 12 months. And when there is nothing left to wear you can still fit into your 3-6 months clothes, but the pants are too short :)

*You are only taking three bottles a day now: morning, afternoon nap, and before bed.
*You eat cereal mid-morning.
*When we eat dinner you eat a bowl of veggies that usually includes peas, corn, green beans, and sometimes sweet potatoes. You always eat them in this order: sweet potatoes (if you have them) corn, peas, and green beans if you have no other option. You just really don't like green beans that much.
*You have mastered drinking out of a sippy cup, finally! You drink water with your cup throughout the day. When you are really thirsty you drink it really well. When you are just drinking it because you like it, you drink it so fast that it all falls out of your mouth. You will spend 95% of the day soaking wet.

drinking water and reading a book while Mommy loaded the dishwasher
*You usually start winding down for bed around 8/8:30 pm. Bath-Bottle-Bed...
*Here lately, it is becoming near close to impossible to get you to sleep. You see, Mommy and Daddy made a big big mistake when putting you to bed for the last ten months. We rock you until you're good and asleep then we lay you down. Now we've created a little cute monster!! UH OH!!!!! Almost every night this week I've had to lay you down, AWAKE, after thirty or forty five minutes of rocking you. You cry, but eventually roll around and fall asleep.

Nap time: You're getting so long

-Developments / Events:
*(3/23/2012) You woke up with a few bumps around your lower lip and chin. I attributed it to all the drool from cutting another tooth. Later, I went to wipe your hand off from eating lunch. You pulled you hand away and gave me a dirty look. Thats when I noticed all the bumps on your hand! HAND, FOOT, AND MOUTH VIRUS!
*You new thing right now is dancing. I will say "Shake your booty. Shake your booty. Dance! Dance! Shake your booty." And you start movin' and groovin'. You also dance when your toys play music or when we are singing at church. One day, I'll tell you it's technically against our religion to dance. But until then...Shake your booty, baby!
*You've really been "letting go" a lot lately. You will pull up to something then just let go and stand there. You do it, unconsciously, when you are holding something too. You act as if you think the item your holding will hold you up? You've also tried standing up in the middle of the room a few times.
*Your newest thing is what we call "Old Man Face." You make this face when someone tells you no, takes something away from you, or something happens that you don't like. You give "old man face" to let everyone know your disapproval of what just happened. You're becoming very very expressive with your face and emotions.
*You had your first Easter this month. You wore a pretty poofy purple dress to church. After church, we changed you into the cutest little pink bunny costume. You enjoyed your first Easter egg hunt too. I think you loved all your goodies! :)
*I discovered you now have six teeth. You had two on top and two on bottom. But I discovered you have one coming in on both top and bottom. That explains the slobber and snotty nose...

"Old Man Face"
 NO ONE believed this was you when they saw the picture!
My sweet Hadley girl, you're turning into such a little hand full. But You're too cute and fun to complain! I can't wait to see you reach your next milestones. You get pretty excited for yourself, which is always hilarious! :)

I'll love you forever and ever! I promise!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hadley's First Easter

Thanksgiving was the first time Hadley ate Sweet Potatoes.

Christmas was the first time she was given and opened gifts. 

We didn't get her anything for Valentine's Day because Valentine's Day is all about the candy. She had just turned eight months old and only had four teeth. Honestly, Hadley has never had candy. So with all that being said, we didn't feel the need to "celebrate" Valentine's Day with her. But then there was Easter...

Religiously, Easter is about the resurrection of our Savior. We got up and went to church that morning. Of course, Hadley does not understand any of that now so I don't have much to say about her experience in that way. So lets talk about the "secular" side of Easter. Every little kid hopes to wake up to an Easter basket full of candy and goodies the Easter Bunny has prepared and left for them. 

We the Easter Bunny decided to make Hadley an Easter basket. I browsed the $1 aisles at Target and Walmart and complied what I thought to be a suitable basket for a nine month old. The most I spent on any item was $5 for new bath toys. I'd been eyeing them for awhile anyway ;) Hadley's Easter basket included: bendable flower, purple bunny ears, purple bunny, two soft plastic Elmo books, bath toys, two necklaces, and one elmo bowl.

Hadley's first Easter basket. I was so excited I could barely sleep. It was almost like Christmas :)

Showing Had her basket
Trying on her bunny ears

Wearing her purple necklace and looking at her bath toys

So excited about her necklaces that she couldn't put them down for a picture. She was smiling behind that fist full of beads :)

Happy with Daddy
After de-assembling her basket we hurried around and changed into our Sunday's Easter best. Hadley had a new poofy purple dress to wear for Easter. She wasn't such a big fan of it! Haha! Luckily, Lee got a few good pictures of her in her dress while we were at church. Then after church we got a couple pictures as a family and with cousins. 

Pretty pretty Princess!
(Note: she isn't wearing a bow. She wasn't having it and ripped it off in the car.)

cousins Easter morning 2012
Tatum, Hadley, and Titus

Our little family
After church we went out to my in-laws house for lunch and the kids Easter egg hunt. I decided to change Hadley into a bunny costume :) You see -- My aunt gave me this costume before I was pregnant. I was supposed to give the costume to someone else. Of course, I forgot and I forever stashed the cute bunny suit away. Then when I was pregnant and found out we were having a girl I remembered the costume. Then I ran into a slight problem. Hadley was only four months old when Halloween rolled around. The bunny costume is a twelve month size. Easter seemed like the logical solution ;) 

She held so still while I put the makeup on her face.
She wasn't too sure about the outfit at first.
Then she started showing off. I think she realized the outfit was cute because
she started walking and showing off!

Then it was time for the kids Easter egg hunt. Cousin Shelby helped and took Hadley around while I snapped some pictures.  

Hadley grabbing the egg off the car.
She had no clue what the eggs were, but she really liked them. 
After a long day Hadley was sleepy and ready for her bottle.
Tatum and Brylie got to feed her.
Such little helpers.
It was such a fun weekend and I think Hadley enjoyed all her gifts and festivities :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

crazy lazy lady

Lately, I've had zero motivation to do...anything, really. Mostly because last Wednesday I woke up sneezing non-stop, sore throat, and more than normal watery eyes. UGH! Why???!?!? I thought it was probably just allergies.

Thursday I woke up worse. Completely congested. I knew this was a sinus infection. I had to get better before Sunday. I was supposed to sing at church for Easter. Thursday I slept on the couch so I could sleep upright.

8 am on the dot, Friday morning, I was on the phone calling the doctor for an appointment. Luckily, I got in and to my suspicion -- sinus infection. I got antibiotics. I was mostly better by Sunday. Thankfully, I'm on the mend.

Last night, amongst my laziness, Lee and I went through pictures of Hadley from the last almost ten months! I received a coupon via email from Shutterfly to receive a free 101 pictures.

I created a Shutterfly book of the day Hadley was born, a while back. But all of her other pictures of all day every day from the last few months are just hanging out on my computer. I have months 1-6 burned to CD's as well. I need to get more CD's and start burning the rest. I've got a crazy paranoia that my computer is going to crash at any second and I will lose all the pictures!!!!!

Anyway -- we began looking through old pictures and laughing at some of the funny faces she used to make. We couldn't stop commenting on how itty bitty tiny she used to be. She has gotten so big. Time really has flown by! I knew it would. I am not shocked by any means. But the pictures are just insane!

I'm uploading my pictures now. I can't wait to get them :)

I know this post was random. I plan to post about Hadley's first Easter soon! :) She had a blast!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Favorite

My favorite thing right now is having this guy (see pic below!) home all week :) After a year-ish of Paramedic school he took PTO this week before he starts the academy next week! It's the most I've seen him since I don't know when! Yay for PTO! :)

He decided that on his "stay-cation" he, and with the help of many others, would put up the pool. Not much of a break huh? We are filling our pool with well water so he told me the other day, "We've got to get the pool up and filled. It won't be warm enough to get in until mid-August!" haha! Got to love fresh, and FREEZING COLD well water.

my love