Thursday, August 15, 2013

2 years: little love letters

Oh Hadley girl, 

I just realized I forgot to finish writing your two year old love letter. But with raising you as a two year old, who really has time to blog an update? I mean, really...?!!

As of June 26, 2013 these were your stats.

*24.6 lbs.
*36 in. tall
*Wearing 24 months and some 2T clothes. Sometimes 2T can still be a little big.
*Wearing size 5 1/2 or 6 shoe.

-Eating: Eating is a pretty serious event to you. Some of your favorite things to eat are:
*cantaloupe & watermellon
*steamed cabbage
*applesauce pouches
...Then the other junk like:
*french fries
*sausage pizza
OH! and your obsessed with tea. Sweet or unsweet. Doesn't matter to you. 

-Sleeping: Not much has changed here.
*We are still start getting you ready for bed at 8.
*You like to sleep in when you can, but we usually get up to go to work at 8 am. 
*You usually go down for nap about 2 or 2:30 pm until about 4:30 to sometimes 5:30 pm. 
*When you can sleep in, you'll sleep until 10 or 10:30 am. On those days you usually will not take a nap. 

*Your biggest development since turning two is you're officially POTTY TRAINED! (and all the angels, in the heavenly chorus, sang!) You have been going on the potty off and on since you were about 14 months old. But you never had a real interest in potty training and I wasn't pushing the issue. Well, about three weeks after you turned two, you told us you had to go potty and you went. That afternoon, after nap, we put you in big girl panties and you've been wearing them since. The first four days of wearing panties, you would wet yourself enough to feel it, then rush to the potty. You've been potty trained now for about a month.
*You're still wearing a diaper at nap time and at night, but your nap time diapers are becoming almost unnecessary. Sometimes, you've even fallen asleep for an hour or so and not had an accident. 
*We are too concerned about the night time diaper, as it can be a little harder for you to get since you're asleep. You'll get there.

Other fun facts:
*You're favorite television show(s) is The Fresh Beat Band and Dora.
*You can apparently count to 8. You've never done it for me, but you do it for your Aunt Cindy. I know you know number 1 thru 8, but I've never heard you say them all in order. You usually get to 6, for me, then clap and say "Yay! Hadley!" 
*Your favorite Bible story is Adam and Eve. 
*You know Mommy's name is Heather. You know Daddy's name is Lee.
*You know your last name.
*You also know the name of your town. Well, I'm not sure you know that that is where you live, but you can say the name. 
*You love taking pictures of yourself on Mommy's phone. Actually, on anyone's phone that you can get your hands on. 
*You watched your first movie at home the other day. It was Monster's Inc. You LOVED it. Mostly because I told you it was Daddy's movie. Now you want to watch it all the time. 

That's all I can think of right now. Currently, you're watching an episode of The Fresh Beat Band and eating some popcorn.

Since turning two, I can really tell you're growing up. You're acting more like a "kid" than a "baby," if that makes any sense. All you talk about is wanting to ride a school bus and go to school. Slow down, you're going to be grown up and going to school before you know it baby girl. 

I'll love you forever and ever! I promise.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the day we went for your two year old check up. This was the first time I noticed you really looked like a big kid.


6/26/2013: She is getting so good at taking pictures

6/26/2013: Being silly while waiting for the doctor