Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh the irony...

Last week I had written a post about American Idol.
More specifically I wrote about how I could not stand James Durbin.
I wrote it last Wednesday after watching the contestants perform.
I read my post to my husband and he said I should post it.
I decided NOT to post it until I watched the elimination episode Thursday.
OH the irony of that post, looking back on it now...

As we were watching the elimination, Lauren was called FIRST!
I'm sure my jaw hit the floor.
I love Lauren.
She has been my favorite the whole time, but she can't really perform well.
So I was shocked to say the least.
I just knew she would be the one going home that night.
But I was wrong!!!

Then the whole show takes a turn and Haley is called!!!
This is not what I had predicted at ALL!
Once again, I love Haley.
But I was still so shocked!

Then Scotty!
Oh Scotty!
I have nothing to say about him.

Poor James.
He was left there.

You see, I was NOT a James Durbin fan to say the least!!!
I wanted him to go home.
I didn't want him to win.
But after watching the elimination episode last Thursday, I am sad for him.

American Idol is kind of funny to me this year.
Here are some examples:
~Lauren: I've never heard a voice as pure as hers. She is great, but the poor girl can't perform!

~Haley: Hand's down has the best voice (musically speaking) than anyone on the show. But the girl has an attitude. I can't really say that her attitude is a negative because honestly I kind of like it ;)

~Scotty: Oh heavens. Bless his heart. He should have been kicked off weeks and weeks ago. NOT because he doesn't have a good voice. He has a GREAT voice (minus the fact that he sounds like most other country artists around). But his voice is so good that he will be signed no matter if he wins or loses. Therefore, just boot him and let the others actually compete who might not get signed otherwise.

~Then there was James: I couldn't stand him. I couldn't stand his style. I couldn't stand his choices of music/songs. I couldn't stand his pitchiness all the time that the judges always seemed to over look. I couldn't stand that people just liked him and voted for just him because "He has tourette's and it's so amazing he can do this..." Blah, blah, blah! BUT the boy could perform. He out-performed every other contestant on the show week after week. He always did what was true to him. He always seemed to put in the most work. So now that he is gone, I'm sad for him. I still don't really care for him for the reasons previously listed, but he should have made the top 3. Truthfully, he probably should have made the top 2!

My husband didn't really like James either. But I don't know if anyone else remembers this comment or not, but on an episode awhile back Steven Tyler asked James why he hadn't sang an Aerosmith song yet. James replied, "I'm saving it for the finale and you're singing with me!" Steven Tyler agreed. Whether he was joking or not, my husband was looking forward to that possibility. So now HE is also super disappointed that James is gone only based on the possibility of seeing Steven Tyler perform with James. LOL.

All that to say -- I'm glad I didn't publish my post that I wrote last week. I would have been speaking too soon.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

my little jungle woman

This is my cousin, Grace Ann. She is six years old.
I know the video is not the best quality.
It is from my cousin's, Sierra, phone.
And the second video kind of repeats a bit of the first,
but the whole video wouldn't fit into one email.
And I also know that when Grace talks it is hard to hear.
Please, bear with me and the video if you can.
It is hilarious!!

So to sum this up in case you didn't catch it all:
Grace was moving out into the bushes out back.
She packed a gift bag of things she might need to survive out there.
This included: toys, paper plates, and "play" food.
When Sierra asks why she doesn't just stay home (after her bag breaks) she replies:
"Sugar doesn't like me."
Sugar is their itty bitty tiny yippy dog.
Sugar barked at her one too many times that day.
So Grace decided the dog didn't like her so she would pack up and move out.
Grace decided to stay when Sierra reassured her that everyone else in the house liked her.

When my aunt, Deanna, asked Grace why she was going to move out without pants and shoes,
She replied: "I was moving into the jungle.
They don't wear pants and shoes in the jungle.
And once I got there, I was going to tear my shirt, because that's what jungle people do!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


--35 weeks--
I should have just waited to post a 36 week pic now that I'm 35 wees and 5 days ;)

Baby "Bump-Date"
*Also with help from my "What to Expect" app*

~How far along: 35 wks and 5 days
~Weeks remaining: 4 wks and 2 days
~Size of Baby G: Large Cantaloupe; not sure on weight- I have an appointment tomorrow!
~Weight Gain/ Loss: (Lost another pound) 19 lbs. total
~Maternity Clothes: Well since it's getting hot (I hate summer, btw! Pregnant or not!) I'm loving my maternity shorts and Maxi Dresses!!!
~Movement: Lots of movement, but there is less "jabs and kicking." I've read/heard this happens when the baby runs out of room.
~Cravings: Nothing specific. Just hungry! LOL
~Symptoms: burning achy hips!!!! I swear my hips wait until I try and sleep to get wider so then I can't sleep! Also, lots of rib pain!! I'm to the "completey uncomfortable" stage.
~Newest Discovery: I learned LOTS more about the actual Labor process. Oh Geez!
~Biggest Accomplishment: I don't know if this is a personal accomplishment, BUT I'm officially dialated to a "1" as of last week! Everyone was kind of surprised since I was still 5 weeks out. But I was pleased. The sooner I dialate, then quicker baby comes and the quicker I'm done being uncomfortable! ;)

And my random tid-bits for the day because I love these completely OPPOSITE videos: For your viewing pleasure!!!