Monday, April 25, 2011


I can admit it. I'm a slacker. I actually enjoy being lazy on a daily basis. But I have not updated in what seems like ages. THIS is exactly why I should have never started a blog! ;) I feel like I have nothing to say, but then my sister in law ever so lovingly reminds me about all these things that have happened that I have yet to document about on here. :-/  I just can't keep motivated to keep blogging. I religiously read everyone else's blogs. In fact, I feel as if I don't know what's going on in the world if I haven't read in a few days. But as for my own? I'm pretty negligent. Another reason I didn't want to update is because I like adding pictures to things that I'm talking about in the post. The problem is I haven't upload the pictures to my computer from my camera... See the vicious cycle that's forming here? Oh well...

So here are a few things that have been happening in the past few weeks:

April 3rd: I had my first baby shower. My aunts/cousin/best friend threw me a shower at my home church in Owasso. It was really fun, but also slightly awkward. As I wrote about in a previous post, I am not good with showing my excitement. Therefore, I often fear that people will think I don't like their gift or I'm unappreciative. Neither of those is true! But oh well, I try to just  awkwardly smile :) I got lots and lots of really cute clothes at that baby shower! I got a few "big" items too, which was nice!

The following weekend (April 9th): I had a second baby shower! This one was hosted by my sister in law, Launi, and my husband's cousin, Katie. This baby shower was in Bixby and was more of a "family/close friends" shower. It was fun too! I think all of Lee's family was able to attend that day. My grandma and cousin came too. I was also really excited that my close girl friends from college all piled in a car and came! Once again, we got lots and lots of cute clothes!! Thankfully, we were also given the rest of the "big" stuff that Baby girl needs (i.e. car seat/stroller, pack~n~play, bathtub, high chair, etc. You get the picture!) We have been so blessed to have such sweet and gracious and giving friends and family! One thing that I received at the shower was a baby book. I had not picked one of these up yet! Katie bought it for me! It's so cute too! I'm still really excited about this present in particular because I haven't started filling anything out yet, but I can't wait too! This baby book is so detailed compared to some that I've seen in the past! It also continues all the way until the baby's first day of kindergarden. As many times as my friends told me to journal during pregnancy...I didn't! I'm hoping now that I remember enough and jotted down enough here and there to fill the baby book with plenty of details.

***I've GOT to remember one of these days to pick of some "Thank You" cards at Wal-Mart!!!***

Baby "Bump-Date" (stolen from Erin because I thought it was cute!)
*Also with help from my "What to Expect" app*

~How far along: 33 wks and 3 days, as of today. (8 mo., 1 week, 3 days...right? I think so???)

~Weeks remaining: 6 wks and 4 days left!!

~Size of Baby G: Pineapple :) At my last appointment (April 21, Thurs) my dr. said the baby weighed about 4 lbs. / 8 oz.

~Weight Gain/ Loss: Gained 21 lbs, but found out I lost a pound at my last appointment. Total = 20 lbs

~Maternity Clothes: As suggested, I haven't really bought many maternity sized clothes. I've just bought a bigger size than normal. That way, AFTER delivery/pregnancy I can still wear them while my body changes back to its "new normal." I love my maternity shorts and jeans though :)

~Movement: When she moves, she moves like a crazy person trying to escape! When she isn't moving and is probably sleepy, she is no where to be found. The only people that have got to feel her move are Lee and Launi and NOW Nammy (Tracey). It's funny because at first Lee never felt her move because she would stop moving every time he would try, but now she usually moves ONLY for him. Although we discovered the other day that Baby G really likes her cousin Tatum because when Tatum talks she goes crazy! (I think Baby G can also hear my thoughts because as I wrote this about Tatum she started kicking. haha!)

~Cravings: Nothing really at the moment. I haven't actually had very many cravings.

~Symptoms: Sciatica! -- This nerve pain will be the death of me, soon! I'm sure of it! -- I've also got a severe case of "Pregnancy/Mommy Brain" going on these days. I cannot remember anything for the life of me. If I do so happen to remember something, I can't remember the fine details. (i.e. I remembered having a convo with Lee, but I couldn't remember anything he said during the convo! Ooopsie!)

~Newest Discovery: Dry Eyes! I read on my What to Expect app that having uncommonly dry eyes during pregnancy is normal. Most women find it more comfortable to wear their glasses during pregnancy than their contacts. I had no idea! I thought that I was just going to have to give up my contacts all together!!!! I was relieved to find out that the dry eyes should go away after pregnancy.

~Biggest Accomplishment: I quit biting my nails! I know...I know... Disgusting habit. I get it! Lee tells me all the time how many germs, infection, and junk we carry around on our hands. But I can't help it. I've always done it. Well, I quit biting my nails (momentarily at least) long enough to get a french manicure! This was the first time I've ever had nails long enough to get a manicure and it look good. I'm pretty excited about this! I have this theory that if I keep them painted and look nice then I'll quit biting them for good? It's a theory. I've got lots of theories about lots of things though... So who knows if it will actually work! ;)

Well, there we have it! I finally updated! Maybe I'll update again soon with some pictures of the COMPLETED nursery and goodies from her shower.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Phone Calls.

I'm not sure, exactly, how I feel about being pregnant.
I don't hate it.
But I don't necessarily "love" it, either.
(Does that make me a bad mother? eh..)
I mean, it's alright.
It's weird. That is for sure!
It's strange because I was always under the impression that being pregnant was something women either completely loved or totally hated.
I never knew anyone who was just hanging in between those two feelings.
The weirdest part, though, is learning so much about your body that you never knew.

For example:
I am an A- blood type.
I was told my whole life that I was A+.
Needless to say when my first sets of blood work came back, confirming that I was pregnant & confirming A- blood, I was very shocked. By BOTH findings.
With me being A- blood type and Lee being A+, I also found out that I carry the Rh-Negative factor.

---For those who DO NOT know---
This means that little Baby Gibson could inherit being A+ and Rh-Positive from Lee.
When Mother and Baby have conflicting blood types and Rh factors, problems can develop.
Problems such as: I can develop antibodies in my blood to fight against the baby.

This means at 28 weeks I my blood was tested for antibodies and everything came back normal.
Also, at 28 weeks I was given my Rhogam injection.
Rhogam will keep me from creating these antibodies the further I get into pregnancy.
After I have the baby, she will be tested and I will be given another Rhogam shot.
The Rhogam, usually, is there to protect you and baby in your SECOND pregnancy.

ALLLLL of that to say:
It is stuff like this that makes it hard not having my mom around anymore.
I've yet to have an "emotional break down" of needing my mom since becoming pregnant.
(which is honestly surprising to me!)
But when things such as being told I am a different blood type then I thought and I am Rh-Negative, I wish she was still just a phone call away.
You see, I am not one of those women who had never heard of the Rh factor in pregnancy.
My mom was Rh-Negative, as well.
So with stuff like this, I feel like my life would be much less complicated, or there would be more clarity, if she was still alive.
I would then have the option to call and ask her.
Sure, I can ask my family, but that doesn't guarantee they 100% remember.
Luckily, being Rh-Negative is not life treatening.
It is easily dealt with, with the Rhogam medicine.
I never experienced panic or worry.
But I am sure. POSITIVE!...
that after I have this baby SOMETHING will happen, and I will need my mom.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the world wide web.

First off, I would just like to say I do not know how you people that blog every day do it???!
I honestly feel like I have nothing to say.
Maybe, once I have the baby, I will have something to talk about every single minute day.
But seriously, I just can't do it.
My life is not eventful or interesting.
I don't do enough to have a blog to "capture all those little moments."
But don't you worry- I religiously stalk and read my daily blogs! :) I've gotta stay in the loop!

But since we are talking about blogs I've been thinking...
(Oh great- I know!!)
Reading people's blogs are interesting. Ya know?
Some people are very raw and real.
Other's choose to keep is their "happy place."
Neither of which is "right or wrong", "typical", "fake", or anything.
People blog to journal.
People blog to vent.
People blog to have interaction with others that they might not get otherwise.
I see a great need for people to have an outlet to talk about whatever they want.
...for people to talk about whatever they need to talk about. 

But then there is me.
I'm not good with expressing myself with my words, unless you know me well.
Things I saw are often misconstrued because of the tone I use.
People are often offended because they ask my opinion and they aren't prepared for the truth honesty.
I'm beyond terrible at showing excitement because it makes me feel awkward.
I hate things that make me cry, whether out of sadness or joy, because I feel venerable or weak.
I'm not good at showing my emotions unless it's a "frustrated/angry/annoyed" emotion.
I'm only good at showing when I'm mad because sadly that's the only time I feel completely in control.
That's when I know exactly what I am feeling and why I am feeling that way.
I'm just bad with emotions.

It's funny.
People think because I am so opinionated and so "outspoken" that I have a tough skin.
And it's not that I don't.
I can handle the truth.  and honesty.
People think because I am so opinionated that I don't care what others think about me.
When I do.
I'm not "self-conscious" about what others think.
But I care.

What I can't handle is the unknown.
I can't handle when I am completely myself and I don't know where I stand with someone.
I like to know what people think.
I'm an "acquired" taste of a personality.
Meaning I am QUITE aware I am not for everyone.
And that is fine.
It doesn't hurt my feelings.
But it doesn't mean I don't care either.
It just means I click with some and not with others.

What DOES bother me is that when people assume that since I am so opinionated that I am like that 100% all of the time. Sometimes I really don't have an opinion. OR sometimes I have an opinion that in that circumstance I know doesn't matter or won't change anything.

What DOES bother me is when people laugh when I say I do actually hold my tongue of my true feelings and thoughts 90% of the time.

What DOES bother me is when someone thinks they've got me all figured out. When in fact they probably haven't even scratched the surface.

I'm just easily bothered by people. (oh my gosh, yes, I said that.) Now everyone thinks I'm a horrible heart-less person. But since this is my blog I can be as truthful as I want. It's funny because the longer I type this entry the more I feel like someone will be thinking "Wow, who made her mad?" or "Man, I wonder who she is talking about?" Neither of which is the case. Actually I sat down here to write about something completely opposite than this. I have no idea where this is coming from. I just started reading other's blogs and realized exactly how personal people get on the internet. All of that to say, I don't know exactly how much of my life I really want to expose on here. There is definitely nothing on here that I would not say in "real life" or be uncomfortable with a stranger knowing. I mean, come on, this is the world wide web, people. Everyone has access to it. But I don't know... I don't know that I want to expose my entire past history. I don't know what I want people to know about me. I don't know if I like the idea of people knowing and seeing how I feel. I haven't decided. But that's for me. Don't get me wrong I LOVE reading other's blogs who "bare it all" without limits. I like to see people being true to themselves. But is it not a little funny knowing that these people reading your inner-most feelings, emotions, experiences, could possibly be people you've never met or will never meet? [I know this because I follow people I've never met ;) ] I just don't know.

Maybe next time I get on here I will write about what I intended to write about today. ha!

PS- I had a baby shower this past weekend and am having another one on Saturday. Baby showers are exciting! Except I feel horrible about opening presents in front of these nice people who bought me things because I can not show my excitement. I feel bad. I bet they all think I hate their gifts, which isn't true at all! I'm very gracious!