Friday, June 10, 2011

40 weeks!!!!!!!

~How far along: 40 weeks TODAY!
~Weeks remaining: 0!!
~Size of Baby G:  "Watermellon." I was told she was weighing 6.9 at my appointment last Thursday. But the doctor said she could be "off" by a pound either way.
~Weight Gain/ Loss: 19 lbs total
~Maternity Clothes: MAXI DRESS :) maternity shorts
~Movement: She doesn't "kick" so much anymore, but I hear that's normal the further you get into pregnancy. She mostly just rolls, tosses, and turns!
~Cravings: Nothing specific
~Symptoms: lower back stiffness and burning; cramping all the time
~Newest Discovery:  I am pregnant with the most stubborn child...EVER!
~Biggest Accomplishment: Making it to 40 weeks!

It is kind of weird. I actually made it to be 40 weeks pregnant. No one thought I would be able to do so. Well, of course, except my doctor! She insisted I would go to 40 weeks easily! Recently, I've known very very FEW women who make it to their actual due date much less longer. Everyone around me "just knew for sure" I wouldn't go until 40 weeks. I'm so short that there was "no way possible!!!" Yet here I am today, 40 weeks pregnant! Since turning 35 weeks until NOW I feel like I've been made out to be some freak because I was still pregnant at 35 weeks, then 36, 37, 38, 39!!!! Heaven forbid someone ACTUALLY go to 40. People are supposed to go 40 weeks. Chill out. Geeez. All I know is that I'm pregnant with the most stubborn child in the entire world. She doesn't like it when people (even me) touch my stomach -- Much less come out and people wanting hold and touch her. She is pretty content. Leave her be! I'm being induced Monday bright and early. We can see her then.

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