Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 months: little love letters

*You did not have a check up this month so I'm not sure how much you're currently weighing.
*You are wearing 3-6 month sized clothes usually. You can wear the occasional 6-9 months clothes. And sometimes I sneak in a 0-3 month top ;) My little baby!

*You are still taking 6 oz about every 5 hours.
*You've now been eating rice cereal for a month. You have really started to like it. You are even starting to recognize your bowl and spoon and get so excited to eat when you see it.
*Last week we introduced green beans. My Oh My. Green beans did not go over well at all. You didn't like them. In fact, you hated them! You hated them so much that not only did you spit every single bite out...You threw up, literally. I think the texture was a little different for you. We have decided to make your baby food instead of buying it. When making your own baby food the texture is always different that store bought. It's more grainy. After the terrible first experience I decided to add cereal and formula to the green beans to make it more familiar. Problem solved...almost. I mean, you take the green beans better than you did, but the first few bites are always a struggle. I'm hoping you'll like them eventually :-/

*You are still sleeping through the night most nights. Since the time change you've been waking up about 4 am to eat. Then after your bottle you go back to sleep until about 8:30 am.
*When you wake up in the mornings you don't wake up crying. In fact, you wake up not making any noise. You wake up, look around, then you laugh and play with your toy hanging on your bed. So usually you wake up at 8:30 am, but aren't ready to get out of bed and eat until about 9:30 am. You let Mommy get a few more minutes of sleep. Sweet baby love, you are!
*You are getting really regular about taking your afternoon naps. But typically, if we are out and about you refuse to nap. Luckily, you never really get fussy- nap or no nap.
*About 8 o'clock at night you're ready for you bath and to hit the hay. This has always been the part of your day that is consistent.

*You haven't had any major developments within the last month.
*You have started scooting around a lot more. You do an "army crawl." You use this crawl to get around where you want to go. By no means does it get you too far like crawling would, but you can "army crawl" to different toys if you want them.

-Play time:
*Within the last month you've become more interested in just laying on a blanket and rolling around. You like to be free of your "jungle play mat" and be free to roll and scoot every direction you want to go. You are more interested in practicing your "army crawl" than being confined to the play mat.
*Your favorite toy is your teething ring. There are parts on the ring that are a hard plastic. When you bite them you scream. It hurts your little gums! But when we give you a different and softer ring you scream. You only like this specific one!
*When we are out and about we carry your teething ring, a rattle, and your baby doll. You think you need to hold and play with all 3 at one time. It's funny.

*You had your first Halloween this past month. You dressed up as a ballerina. You were the cutest ballerina I've ever seen! You were so excited to dress up in your tutu. It was so funny because you acted almost like you knew something was going on. You knew that wearing this outfit meant something special. You went trick or treating with your cousins Addy and Ally. The entire way we were driving to their house you laughed and squealed. You were so excited for this holiday!
*You experienced and slept through EARTHQUAKES this month!!!! This was the craziest thing any of us have ever experienced! I hope to never feel them again.
*We went to Kansas this month. This is the first time you've ever been out of Oklahoma. AND you got to meet lots of your family from Missouri. They were all so excited to meet you. You were so friendly and reached for everyone to hold you.

-Funny/Cute Moments:
*One cute thing you've started doing is when Grandma or Punkin hold you, you grab their face and you say "Awwww." You only do this with Grandma and Punkin. I don't know if you do it because you're mimicking what you hear them do or what, but it is so cute and sweet none-the-less.
*And one funny thing that has happened this past month happened just this week. Me and Daddy went to the kitchen to grab something to eat. You realized you had been left behind, alone, in the living room. Next thing we know you're crying. I look in the living room and you had army crawled your way half way to the kitchen. We both started laughing so hard. I'm sorry baby, but it was just so cute and hilarious!! You were just trying so hard to get to the kitchen. You just want to be involved.

My sweet sweet sugar bear, I love watching you change and grow every day. You really do seem smarter and bigger every day. I'm so privilege to get to stay home and care for you every day. Times get tough when you get fussy, refuse to nap, or are teething, but there is nothing that I would rather be or could imagine myself doing. You're my joy!

I'll love you forever and ever. I promise!


  1. I love it too. It's so sweet. I love that baby girl so much.


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