Monday, November 26, 2012

IT'S A WHAT?????

There was this one time, when my car was making a mysterious noise. I hadn't heard it consistently enough to say anything to Lee.

Once, I continued to hear it for about a week or so I decided to mention it to him. I insisted,

"It's weird. If I turn to the right, I can hear it rolling to the left. If I turn to the left, I can hear it rolling to the right. But the strange thing is: If I turn to the right, it will roll to the left. If I turn to the right again -- nothing happens. It's like a rock or can is rolling around, back and forth, in the trunk."

I don't know anything much about cars, but I know that's not normal. The funny thing is is that the car was driving perfectly fine. Nothing was happening any different. 

I am OCD about certain things. Specifically, I am more "O" than "C." By that I mean: clinically, OCD is obsessive thoughts with compulsive behavior. I don't have compulsive behaviors that often. However, I do have obsessive thoughts. Or as Lee so lovingly puts it -- I "fixate." Once, I have my mind set on something I obsessive about it. I think about it, easily, five to eight times an hour. I will think about it. I will question it. I will talk about it. And I will continue until it's settled. What's bad is, once it's settled, I usually will find something else to obsess about later. 

{Small example: The other night I went to bed with dishes in the sink. I do this often, but for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about it this time. The reason they stayed in the sink was because I didn't feel like unloading the dishwasher. Well, I dreamed about those dishes all night long. Then I woke up fifteen minutes before my alarm went off -- thinking about those blasted dishes. So I got up at 5:45 am to do dishes. Give me a break. Now back to my car...}

I obsessed about this noise for three weeks. Non-stop. Lee striped the trunk of my car. He took everything out, all the way down to the frame of the car. He did this four or five times. The noise was coming from the back of the car. We thought for sure we were just missing something. It had to be in the trunk.

Well, after about four weeks going on five I called someone to look at it. This is a man that I went to church with growing up. He used to be a mechanic before his current job. We took him my car on a Sunday afternoon. He wanted us to drive him around so he could hear it. We made our first right hand turn and he heard it. He made the strangest face and said "Wow. That is weird." I just remember thinking "Oh, great!! This isn't going to be good." 

We went back to his house. He, also, thought it was coming from the trunk. He and Lee dug in that car for an hour and a half. And nothing -- they, again, found nothing. 

I was inside the house, but Lee said after so long they had given up. As Dennis was closing the hatch he started shaking the door. Lee said that he was trying to see if maybe the noise was from the door and not necessarily in the car. But, of course, nothing. He closed the hatch. Then he started pushing/shaking the entire car. Lee said he looked up with a strange face. He reached on top of the car and there it was! Dennis pulled down a WALNUT! There was a WALNUT rolling around on the roof of my car. I have a rack on the top of my car. Apparently, the walnut had gotten stuck up there and couldn't roll completely off. 

I can't make this stuff up, people.


  1. I must say even though I was there.... this is still funny the second time!!! Bahahaha


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