Friday, July 12, 2013

Birthday treat

{I wrote this a long time ago. I published it and I guess it never went through. I'll go ahead and post it for memories sake.}
There are a few movie theater's around here that show movies to kids for free. The movies are older movies. By older I mean older Disney movies or movies that have been released within the last few years. 

The week of Hadley's birthday, one of the theaters was showing The Little Mermaid. I decided I was going to take her to see the movie. Hadley has never been to the movies before this time. 

We also invited Aunt Cindy and cousin Brylie. 

Hadley and Brylie getting their seats for the show.

She was so excited!!! (so excited she wouldn't stop moving, hence the blurry picture.)

Cousin cuddles during the movie.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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