Thursday, October 16, 2014

The day... [summer wrap up]

The day that.... 

... We took Hadley to go see SpiderMan 2! 

...she thought her laugh was so funny. "Take a picture, Mommy!" 

...she tried to help Grandma fold clothes. 

...Hadley, Tatum, and Titus were hiding under the couch tent. 

...she dressed up as SpiderMan. 

...we took her to the zoo!

...she finally had just enough hair to do a (small) Elsa braid! 

...she completed the summer reading program at the library. 

...Nammy took her to the water park. 

...she wanted to take a nap with me, but insisted on laying on the floor (in front of the vent!!) 

...found this Sleeping Beauty costume. 

...she let her Daddy lay in her bed. 

...Daddy gave Hadley some money. We went "back to school" clothes shopping. She picked out this outfit and tried it on in the dressing room and declared she was "SO fashionable!!" 

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