Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today I turned 23.

Today consisted of work, an oil change, a car wash, dinner with family and friends, and now we are watching American Idol! :) Doesn't sound too exciting, but with every year that comes birthdays seem to be less and less "eventful."

You see, I don't exactly get too excited about birthdays in the first place. I don't dread them, but they aren't that big of a deal to me. I really, really enjoy others birthdays, but not so much mine. Maybe I don't like the attention? I'm not sure....

Although what I am very excited about is the gift my wonderful husband let me order!! Funny thing is the gift really isn't even exactly for me . The gift is for none other than little baby girl Gibson :) I ordered 3 personalized onesies!!! I found a website that you can create personalized onesies for babies for a REALLY reasonable price (well compared to others.) Here are the proofs of the onesies I ordered:

Onesie #1
I found a t-shirt about 2 years ago that said "Somebody in Heaven loves me." I wanted it so bad, but when I went back to get it they were sold out. Needless to say, I've been searching for this shirt since that day. To compensate I decided to print it on a onesie for baby girl in honor of my Mom who passed away almost 7 years ago.

This is the back: My cousin's all called my Mom "Foo-Foo." This started when my cousin was little and tried to say "Aunt Ruth" and it came out "Foo-Foo." Instead of being called Grandma, or something along those lines, I think baby girl would have called her Foo-Foo.

Onesie #2
The next onesie was imspired by baby girl's first nickname. We aren't telling her first name. We decided it would be one last fun surprise to keep until the day she is born. We decided to tell her middle name, though. It was a pretty obvious decision, but her middle name is Ruth (after my mom.) Well, Nammy and Aunt Launi have decided to start calling her "Baby Ruth." I got the biggest kick out of this because when I was in high school my youth pastor called me that. At that time, I thought he was crazy so it was extremely funny to me that someone else thought of that same nickname! is the next onesie:

Onesie #3
Now, as I mentioned we aren't telling Baby Ruth's first name. This means I can't fully show you the proof of the onesie, but I can show the part of the screen print. This will be on the front with her name inside:

Love. Love. Love. 

 These are all just so precious and special to me! I don't know that I've ever been more excited about a birthday gift ;)

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