Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Once upon a time...

...There was a girl named Heather who had a Xanga! My, my how times have changed!!!

I've decided to give this blogging thing a go. I've tried blogging before, but could never really get into it. I had a previous blog that I tried to delete. *Apparently blogger does not currently have a way to completely delete a current blog account, so you just have to delete the information.*

I was never into journaling and had a hard time blogging because I never felt I had anything "important" to talk about or document. I really enjoy reading others blogs though :) I stumbled upon a very happy, positive, and uplifting blog whose author is a girl I graduated high school with. Salem (www.so-i-wont-forget.blogspot.com) suggested that I might get into blogging one day when I have my baby. She said I might want to keep track of things that I might not other wise remember.

I decided that maybe I should start documenting things now before she gets here. I read lots of blogs that write letters to their children with intentions to print the blogs into a book to keep for years. I love that idea!!!!! So I'm giving this a go...

I hope to blog mostly about my pregnancy, baby girl Gibson when she arrives, and life here, there, and in between. I hope to gain advice and knowledge from other fellow blogger Mommies. I'm not the type that is into reading "baby books" to prepare for a child. I think, "She's my baby. I'm sure I can figure her out." But I do not was to ignore some good tips and tricks from other fellow Moms. I would rather learn from others than read a book about the "typical" child. Maybe I'm wrong and I'll be changing my tune in about 4 months when she gets here? Maybe I'll be wishing I'd read something?! But until then I'm content asking questions... :)

my question for today: how far along were you in your pregnancy when you went into labor? Did you make it to the 40 wk mark?

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