Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Phone Calls.

I'm not sure, exactly, how I feel about being pregnant.
I don't hate it.
But I don't necessarily "love" it, either.
(Does that make me a bad mother? eh..)
I mean, it's alright.
It's weird. That is for sure!
It's strange because I was always under the impression that being pregnant was something women either completely loved or totally hated.
I never knew anyone who was just hanging in between those two feelings.
The weirdest part, though, is learning so much about your body that you never knew.

For example:
I am an A- blood type.
I was told my whole life that I was A+.
Needless to say when my first sets of blood work came back, confirming that I was pregnant & confirming A- blood, I was very shocked. By BOTH findings.
With me being A- blood type and Lee being A+, I also found out that I carry the Rh-Negative factor.

---For those who DO NOT know---
This means that little Baby Gibson could inherit being A+ and Rh-Positive from Lee.
When Mother and Baby have conflicting blood types and Rh factors, problems can develop.
Problems such as: I can develop antibodies in my blood to fight against the baby.

This means at 28 weeks I my blood was tested for antibodies and everything came back normal.
Also, at 28 weeks I was given my Rhogam injection.
Rhogam will keep me from creating these antibodies the further I get into pregnancy.
After I have the baby, she will be tested and I will be given another Rhogam shot.
The Rhogam, usually, is there to protect you and baby in your SECOND pregnancy.

ALLLLL of that to say:
It is stuff like this that makes it hard not having my mom around anymore.
I've yet to have an "emotional break down" of needing my mom since becoming pregnant.
(which is honestly surprising to me!)
But when things such as being told I am a different blood type then I thought and I am Rh-Negative, I wish she was still just a phone call away.
You see, I am not one of those women who had never heard of the Rh factor in pregnancy.
My mom was Rh-Negative, as well.
So with stuff like this, I feel like my life would be much less complicated, or there would be more clarity, if she was still alive.
I would then have the option to call and ask her.
Sure, I can ask my family, but that doesn't guarantee they 100% remember.
Luckily, being Rh-Negative is not life treatening.
It is easily dealt with, with the Rhogam medicine.
I never experienced panic or worry.
But I am sure. POSITIVE!...
that after I have this baby SOMETHING will happen, and I will need my mom.

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  1. I know it's not the same but you are welcome to call me anytime. I love you sister.


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