Wednesday, May 11, 2011


--35 weeks--
I should have just waited to post a 36 week pic now that I'm 35 wees and 5 days ;)

Baby "Bump-Date"
*Also with help from my "What to Expect" app*

~How far along: 35 wks and 5 days
~Weeks remaining: 4 wks and 2 days
~Size of Baby G: Large Cantaloupe; not sure on weight- I have an appointment tomorrow!
~Weight Gain/ Loss: (Lost another pound) 19 lbs. total
~Maternity Clothes: Well since it's getting hot (I hate summer, btw! Pregnant or not!) I'm loving my maternity shorts and Maxi Dresses!!!
~Movement: Lots of movement, but there is less "jabs and kicking." I've read/heard this happens when the baby runs out of room.
~Cravings: Nothing specific. Just hungry! LOL
~Symptoms: burning achy hips!!!! I swear my hips wait until I try and sleep to get wider so then I can't sleep! Also, lots of rib pain!! I'm to the "completey uncomfortable" stage.
~Newest Discovery: I learned LOTS more about the actual Labor process. Oh Geez!
~Biggest Accomplishment: I don't know if this is a personal accomplishment, BUT I'm officially dialated to a "1" as of last week! Everyone was kind of surprised since I was still 5 weeks out. But I was pleased. The sooner I dialate, then quicker baby comes and the quicker I'm done being uncomfortable! ;)

And my random tid-bits for the day because I love these completely OPPOSITE videos: For your viewing pleasure!!!

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  1. Keep the 'bump-dates' coming! Love seeing how you're doing. You look great!


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