Saturday, May 14, 2011

my little jungle woman

This is my cousin, Grace Ann. She is six years old.
I know the video is not the best quality.
It is from my cousin's, Sierra, phone.
And the second video kind of repeats a bit of the first,
but the whole video wouldn't fit into one email.
And I also know that when Grace talks it is hard to hear.
Please, bear with me and the video if you can.
It is hilarious!!

So to sum this up in case you didn't catch it all:
Grace was moving out into the bushes out back.
She packed a gift bag of things she might need to survive out there.
This included: toys, paper plates, and "play" food.
When Sierra asks why she doesn't just stay home (after her bag breaks) she replies:
"Sugar doesn't like me."
Sugar is their itty bitty tiny yippy dog.
Sugar barked at her one too many times that day.
So Grace decided the dog didn't like her so she would pack up and move out.
Grace decided to stay when Sierra reassured her that everyone else in the house liked her.

When my aunt, Deanna, asked Grace why she was going to move out without pants and shoes,
She replied: "I was moving into the jungle.
They don't wear pants and shoes in the jungle.
And once I got there, I was going to tear my shirt, because that's what jungle people do!"

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