Tuesday, May 15, 2012

11 months: little love letter

Hadley Girl,

Us playing together on Mommy's phone. This is one of your favorite things to do.
You're obsessed with phones.
11 months old!!! It's so hard to believe you're almost a year old! You're getting so big. You are really turning into a big girl and less of a "baby." I love watching you learn new things every day.

*You didn't have a well-child check up this month. I'm not 100% sure about your weight gain and/or length.
*You are still wearing 6-9 months and 12 months sized clothes.
*We've had to move your up in diaper sizes this week. You've got a skinny waist, but a big booty :)
*On that note (of a big booty!): You have a 12 month sized swimsuit that fits you perfectly except that you constantly have a little wedgie because it hardly covers your rump!...and that's without a swim diaper! ;)

*You eat 3 bottles a day: breakfast, lunch, and bedtime.
*You now like to feed yourself your bottle. This has come in handy more times than I can mention. I don't know why you never did this before.

Feeding yourself and reclining in your stroller while walking around the mall.
*You really love your steamed veggies.
*Your favorite foods are: sweet potatoes, carrots, corn, peas, and green beans. (In that order)
*Your newest discovery is cutie oranges and bananas. You love them and are obsessed. You will eat 2 cuties and 1 whole banana if I let you. Sometimes, I let you.
*5/10/2012: We went to Sam's to do a little grocery shopping. We got fountain drinks before we started. You insisted on trying to drink it. You had never been able to drink out of a straw before. Daddy and I have always had an agreement that we will always let you try to drink out of the straw. If you get whatever is inside then it was well deserved! WELL, low and behold - you had your first sip of Dr. Pepper. You hated it. You looked like someone just poured poison into your mouth. Well, the dummy that I am, I let you try it again thinking that drinking out of the straw was a one time fluke. NOPE! You got more Dr. Pepper and still hated it. All of that to say you've moved "up" in sippy cups. You now use a sippy cup with a straw, instead of a cup that you tip.

-Sleeping: There isn't really much change with your sleeping patterns.
*You start winding down around 8 pm. You take and bath, get into your jammies, then bottle.
*We've been having trouble the last few nights with getting you down. We have always rocked you until you fall asleep - then lay you down. I know..we've created a bit of a monster with this. But I think you're getting to the age/stage that you act as if you want to lay yourself down. The last 3 nights, we've rocked you until drowsy or until you first fall asleep then we lay you down. You have woken up before we even make it out of your room. But we watch you on the monitor and you woller around until you fall asleep on your own. Hopefully, we are on to something with this...

-Developments / Events: This was a month filled with many events!
*You went to your first babyshower this month. We traveled to OKC to meet up with friends then we all went to the baby shower together. It was a shower for my college roommate. She is due with a little girl in June.

You and Kelly (Mommy's college roommate) at the babyshower.
*You've gotten quite a bit of hair. We had a little lunch date planned with Nanny Carol and Papa Wayne to meet some of Papa Wayne's family. I decided that we would give the "fountain top" a try. (the spike as your Daddy calls it) You looked so cute! Luckily, you didn't bother it and you just left it there. You, now, wear it on a regular basis.
Fountain top ponytail! :)
*You were able to go swimming for the first time this month. You love the pool. I mean, really! It's possibly your favorite place on Earth. You think you can swim alone. I can't convince you other wise. You like to try and stink your head underwater. I'm not sure why. OH and you also love to have splashing contests with Daddy. You kick your feet as fast and as hard as you can to splash him. Then he does it back to you. You scream and giggle. Then it's your turn again.

*You're walking more and more. You walk the most when we are at home. I think it's because you know the "paths" of the house better. You aren't too sure about walking with shoes on, but you're getting there. You really like to walk while holding someones hand. You're such a big girl.
*We had our first Mother's Day together. You (...and your sweet Daddy) got me a dozen pink roses and a card. You gave it to me early because Daddy is working a weird shift right now and wasn't with us on Mother's Day. Mother's Day was actually on Sunday so we got up and went to church. After church we headed to Grandma and Punkin's house for lunch. Bubba, Aunt DeeDee, Sierra, Dante', and Grace were there too. Grace just found out she had Strep so she didn't really get to play with you. I think you were a little disappointed because you kept watching Grace and trying to talk and play with her. But we had to be careful that you didnt' get sick.

We've had the best time getting to watch you explore new things each day. I love watching you get bigger. I'm so lucky and happy I get to stay home with you every day. You're Mommy's best little friend and we have so much fun.

I'll love you forever and ever! I promise!

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  1. Omg! I love every bit of this!! including our pic together! she is so precious and growing so fast, but you already know that! Thanks for sharing these little updates with us who are too far away to see them for ourselves :)


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