Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I've been out of the blogger world lately. We've been so busy and coming and going. It's madness around here.

Two weeks ago, Hadley came down with a runny nose. No biggie - until it turned green!!! T.M.I.?? Then she started pulling at her left ear! GREAT! We made a doctors appointment and got her checked out. No ear infection and no sickies - thank goodness!

This past Memorial Day weekend Hadley and I packed up and headed to North Missouri with my family, for the yearly family reunion. I haven't been in the last four years. This year I was determined to go. It is an eight hour drive so I was nervous how Hadley would do. She did great. But when got there she didn't seem to feel well. She was a little "off" all weekend. Then she came down with a fever. THEN she didn't sleep at night. She cried every five minutes from ten pm until midnight! So I let her sleep in bed with me. She has never, never, EVER, in her eleven months of life EVER slept in bed with us. That is the one thing I was adamant about never doing. Well, I guess things change when you're eight hours from home, without Daddy, and running a fever! OY! Luckily, on the day home, she seemed to act a little better. She crashed when we got home.

Then there is today - she woke up covered in a mysterious rash? What the heck is going on with my baby love? So I call the doctor and they suggest I bring her in today. I took her in and when the nurse came out she reached for her with excitement. THAT'S how you know when you are in the doctor's office too often. Apparently the rash is the result of a little virus working out of her little system. (see previous paragraph about her fever and acting funny).

...all while Lee is working nights! I have no idea how single mother's do it. They are super heroes.


  1. Oh my! Poor Haddles! Hope she starts feeling better soon.
    Heather, you are a superhero! You are such an wonderful wife and mother for your sweet sweet family.
    Also, IDK if you are taking requests, but i totally want to hear ALL about your family reunion! :)

  2. Good idea, Kelly! I may just write about the reunion. Although, now that I think about it - it mostly consisted of Hadley being sick :(


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