Saturday, August 4, 2012

Canning 101

I have blogged here and there about our first time garden this year. I lost interest (go figure!). Luckily, Lee still really enjoyed it. 

We've had a plethora of tomatoes. Funny thing is, neither one of us like tomatoes. Hadley loves them, but her little self can't keep up. We decided to try our hand at making salsa. Then CANNING! Me oh my. I'm a city girl and hadn't the faintest idea on any of this. Thank goodness for family members that can things every year.

Here we go...
a SMALL portion of our tomatoes
canned salsa
and of course we canned our jalapenos  

Lee said if he knew then what he knows now (you know those famous last words!) he would have grown a bigger variety of veggies. Hadley girl is a vegetable girl. She rarely eats meat. The only meat she will always eat is taco meat. She like chicken nuggets too, but not too often. I've noticed the more I give them to her the less she will eat them. So veggies it is. 

Lee has already expanded the garden and has laid out tarp to kill the current grass. We will see how it goes next go 'round. He is planning to do fall Serendipity sweet corn and fall onions. Both of which I'm excited about. Hadley loves her a good corn on the cob and I use onions for pretty much everything I cook. Win, Win! 

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  1. That all looks great!! I'm so proud of you both. You've worked hard on your veggies!


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