Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sickies

Because this blog is for me to remember stuff as Hadley grows older -- I'm playing catch up with some things that have happened around here, recently. Let's go back to May. 
In the middle of May (I believe the 17th?) Hadley girl began to run a slight fever. She was acting fussy, wasn't eating much, and was overall acting funny. I had a gut feeling that something was wrong. It was already five o'clock at night so I knew that there was no way I could get her in to see her personal doctor.

I slightly panicked. 

I've never taken Hadley to an Urgent Care before. Mostly because she really likes her doctor. She always has and still seems to now. I have never wanted to confuse her by taking her to anyone else. 

I had no choice. Like I said, "gut feeling." 

I took her to the Pediatric Urgent Care here in town. I was very impressed with them. Hadley thought it was a fun place because it was so colorful and "playful" for kids. 

When we were taken back to the examination room, we talked to the nurse and we decided that to go ahead and run a Strep test would be best. 

The doctor came in and she told me that the test came back "negative."

Say WHHHHAAAATTTTT? I thought for sure this is what she had. Luckily, so did the doctor. She decided that despite the test saying "negative," she was going to go ahead and treat it as if it was Strep.

Since Hadley had a fever she was obviously considered contagious. I took off work the rest of the week so we could stay home and rest.

Me and Hadley playing while she was recovering from "Strep."     

Two days after Hadley started her antibiotic she seemed to be feeling so much better. Thank God! She was still running a slight fever, but we knew she was also teething (all four, 2 yr old molars coming in!!). We didn't think much of it. 

Saturday morning Hadley got up and around. She was extra cuddly. She wasn't feeling 100% yet, but acting much better. I was gone for most of the morning with Zumba. When I got home I put her down for a nap. She took a decent nap, but woke up incredibly hot. She had a fever of 102.3. 

Something was absolutely not right. Something was very wrong. 

...again, gut feeling. 

Lee kept insisting it was just her teething, but said we could take her back to Urgent Care if I felt necessary. 

I couldn't kick the feeling of something was wrong so we took her in, again. 

The doctor look in her throat and jumped back. She looked at me and asked "Did you see that?!!!" I said no so she showed me. Hadley's tonsils were literally so swollen they were touching. They were completely cover in white pus with infection. 

They ran a Strep test again. Negative, again!!
They ran even tested for mono. Negative! 

Lee holding Hadley while waiting at the Urgent Care. She was so sick she couldn't even sit up.
After being there for hours (literally! We were there from 6 - 10 pm) they just chalked it up as "exacerbated tonsillitis." They changed her antibiotic. We hunted down a 24 hr. Walgreens Pharmacy. Got her medicine and put her to bed. 

She woke up in the morning fever free. 

This different medication cured her sickness and she was fully better within about three days. Hadley's personal doctor contacted me for a follow up. He said that children under 3 yrs old generally do not have tonsil issues. He said that since this has happened that we will need to keep an eye on her tonsils.

Speaking of check ups... I think I need to schedule Hadley's 24 month check up. 

...I'll get on that tomorrow.


  1. So sad for Miss Hadley, but glad she is feeling better now! Thanks for posting!

  2. So sad for Miss Hadley, but glad she is feeling better now! Thanks for posting!


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