Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hadley's First Easter

Thanksgiving was the first time Hadley ate Sweet Potatoes.

Christmas was the first time she was given and opened gifts. 

We didn't get her anything for Valentine's Day because Valentine's Day is all about the candy. She had just turned eight months old and only had four teeth. Honestly, Hadley has never had candy. So with all that being said, we didn't feel the need to "celebrate" Valentine's Day with her. But then there was Easter...

Religiously, Easter is about the resurrection of our Savior. We got up and went to church that morning. Of course, Hadley does not understand any of that now so I don't have much to say about her experience in that way. So lets talk about the "secular" side of Easter. Every little kid hopes to wake up to an Easter basket full of candy and goodies the Easter Bunny has prepared and left for them. 

We the Easter Bunny decided to make Hadley an Easter basket. I browsed the $1 aisles at Target and Walmart and complied what I thought to be a suitable basket for a nine month old. The most I spent on any item was $5 for new bath toys. I'd been eyeing them for awhile anyway ;) Hadley's Easter basket included: bendable flower, purple bunny ears, purple bunny, two soft plastic Elmo books, bath toys, two necklaces, and one elmo bowl.

Hadley's first Easter basket. I was so excited I could barely sleep. It was almost like Christmas :)

Showing Had her basket
Trying on her bunny ears

Wearing her purple necklace and looking at her bath toys

So excited about her necklaces that she couldn't put them down for a picture. She was smiling behind that fist full of beads :)

Happy with Daddy
After de-assembling her basket we hurried around and changed into our Sunday's Easter best. Hadley had a new poofy purple dress to wear for Easter. She wasn't such a big fan of it! Haha! Luckily, Lee got a few good pictures of her in her dress while we were at church. Then after church we got a couple pictures as a family and with cousins. 

Pretty pretty Princess!
(Note: she isn't wearing a bow. She wasn't having it and ripped it off in the car.)

cousins Easter morning 2012
Tatum, Hadley, and Titus

Our little family
After church we went out to my in-laws house for lunch and the kids Easter egg hunt. I decided to change Hadley into a bunny costume :) You see -- My aunt gave me this costume before I was pregnant. I was supposed to give the costume to someone else. Of course, I forgot and I forever stashed the cute bunny suit away. Then when I was pregnant and found out we were having a girl I remembered the costume. Then I ran into a slight problem. Hadley was only four months old when Halloween rolled around. The bunny costume is a twelve month size. Easter seemed like the logical solution ;) 

She held so still while I put the makeup on her face.
She wasn't too sure about the outfit at first.
Then she started showing off. I think she realized the outfit was cute because
she started walking and showing off!

Then it was time for the kids Easter egg hunt. Cousin Shelby helped and took Hadley around while I snapped some pictures.  

Hadley grabbing the egg off the car.
She had no clue what the eggs were, but she really liked them. 
After a long day Hadley was sleepy and ready for her bottle.
Tatum and Brylie got to feed her.
Such little helpers.
It was such a fun weekend and I think Hadley enjoyed all her gifts and festivities :)

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  1. Ok, so don't hate me, but that pink bunny costume totally reminded me of the one in Christmas Story. But she's wayyy cuter than that kid, lol.

    Her Easter dress was GORGEOUS! That pic is so pretty!! Pretty, Pretty Hadley!

    What's the next big holiday for Haddles? Fourth of July??

    OMG, it's almost your first Mother's Day!! And Hadley's first birthday!! Yay! Yay!!


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