Saturday, June 23, 2012

12 months: little love letter

*You went in for you twelve month check up this month.
*You weighed 20 lbs. and 8 oz.
*You are 30 inches tall. You are officially over half of my height!
*You are wearing size 12 months and 18 months clothes.
*You are wearing size 4 diapers.
*We had to buy you new tennis shoes because you had out grown yours. I didn't realize your shoes were too small. Nammy took them off of you and said you almost had a blister because they were too small. I said "Oh, is that why she screamed when I put them on her? I thought she just didn't want to wear shoes today." Sorry, baby girl. Mommy didn't know. You're a little picky about wearing shoes, sometimes.
*At your check up you had to get SIX shots. It was terrible. You were so upset. You were so mad at Daddy and I, that we would let the nurse do that to you. Poor baby. Luckily, you didn't run a fever. You took a three hour nap that day. Then when you got up, I took you swimming, then you were ready for bed again. You were asleep by eight pm. Shots are exhausting.

*You are now officially only drinking whole milk. No more formula.
*You, also, gave up eating baby food and rice cereal around eleven months.
*Some of your favorite foods are: chicken, rice, carrots, peas, green beans, corn (on the cob), sweet potatoes, peaches, and bananas. But your absolute favorite food is tomatoes.
*Your favorite snack is goldfish.
*Your favorite drink (other than milk) is water. I give you apple juice here and there, but you aren't too crazy about it.
*You had your first experience with ketchup a few weeks ago. You weren't a fan. It's ok, baby. Momma and Grandma don't like ketchup either.
*You are really into eating off of your own plate. I mean, you are a big girl now.
*The doctor said we really need to break you of your binky and bottle by fifteen months. We will see how that goes...

Trying corn on the cob for the first time. You loved it!

*With summer days being longer, I feel like you are staying up later. Which is fine because you don't get fussy. And when you do get fussy, it is just our cue to get your ready for bed. No biggie.
*You still really enjoy your bedtime routine. Although, within the last month there has been a little bit of a change. Always before you enjoyed being rocked to sleep. Here lately your routine consists of: bath, bottle, rock for five to ten minutes, then lay you down awake. You woller around and play with your stuffed animals until you fall asleep. Apparently, being rocked to sleep is for babies. Not big girl Hadley. I only wish nap time was as easy :-/

*You made the long eight hour car ride to Missouri this year, for the family reunion. You did so well, on the road. Once we got to Missouri, you didn't seem to act yourself. Then you started running a fever!! You didn't sleep well at night and you didn't really eat or drink your bottles.

Swinging at Aunt Sharon's house in Boonville, MO.
This is the swing that Mommy used to swing in when I was little. 
*After we got home from Missouri, you woke up covered in a rash. I took you to the doctor - Roseola. That explains the fever and no appetite.

You getting into everything at the doctor's office.
*You have been walking now for about three or four weeks. You walk everywhere. UNLESS you get too excited and fall. Then you take off crawling as fast as you can. You like being chased.
*You now sit in a big kid car seat. You weren't too sure about it at first, because we turned you around. You face forward now. It was a whole new world.
*You really enjoy singing now. Currently, your favorite song to sing is "Oh, how I love my Bible." You say "Oh, Oh, Oh.." Then you mumble something that sounds like you're trying to say Bible. It's so sweet. You have the sweet little voice.
*You have become very expressive with how you feel about things. You make the funniest faces around!! (That is a separate post to come, soon!)
*We had another visit to the doctor this month. The evening of your birthday party your eyes started getting gunky. They were slightly red and swollen, also. Nammy started to think you had pink eye. I wasn't so sure since you didn't wake up like that. They didn't seem to bother you so I thought that I could wait until the next morning to see how they were looking. WELL, the next morning your eyes were so swollen/pink/matted shut.

reaction to sunscreen roll-on stick
I rushed around to get you changed and fed and to Urgent Care. The doctor said it was not pink eye. She said you are allergic to the roll-on sunscreen stick that I had put on your face she previous day. This makes sense because this happened the previous time I put sunscreen on you. After visiting your primary care doctor, he does not think you're allergic to sunscreen, but maybe there is just one ingredient in the stick that you had a little allergy too. He said if you were allergic your entire body would have reacted, but it didn't. So for now. You can only wear a hat outside. No sunscreen on your face.

Hadley girl, Hadley girl - this has been one of the best years of my life. You are so fun. You are really starting to develop a funny little personality. You love to talk and wave to people, everywhere you go! You are the sweetest baby I know. You have such a sweet, kind spirit about you. You love people and you know you are loved. I love being your Mommy. You are my greatest joy!

I'll love you forever & ever. I promise, baby!

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  1. It's so fun to hear about Hadley and how much you're enjoying motherhood. May the years that follow be just as full if delight!


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