Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hadley's first birthday party

June is a busy month around here. Hadley's birthday was on a Wednesday. We had her first birthday party on the previous Saturday. {I'm sure I could have worded that all better} Her party was on June 9. That day is also Lee's birthday.

The theme of Hadley's party was Ocean "One"derland. She loves the water. After getting our pool and deck set up it only seemed fitting that Hadley have a pool party. I know, most one year olds don't have pool parties {as my Grandma informed me}, but the kid loves water. I can't deny her that.

It was a lot of fun planning her party. My husband's cousin, Katie, really helped me a lot. I think I would have lost my sanity if she wasn't there to help!

{All photo credit goes to Kelly and J.Hall Photography}

the Birthday Girl station

Party Cake: Hadley's Ocean "One"derland

Hadley's smash cake: decorated to look like a fish.

Snack table: "ocean water" punch, cake(s), pineapple filled with pineapple and bananas, {underneath the foil} banana, orange, and green apple "palm tree," bowl of fish and whale crackers. 

Some of the decorations: Tracey grabbed these at a local high school prom she was working.
Their theme was under the sea. Great catch!! {pun intended}

Birthday girl

Hadley putting on her bib and checking out her cake for the first time.

"Are you sure I can eat this, guys?"

"I love this cake!!" 

Opening gifts

checking out her new cell phone and keys

big girl

people swimming

cousin Tatum swimming

Birthday girl swimming

I think Hadley enjoyed her party. She was so funny while she was eating her cake she would look up, at someone, and wave her hand. Then she would look up, at someone else, and wave again. It was almost like she was thinking "Hey, I know you. Oh wait!! I know you too!" She is so funny. She was interested in her first two presents, but after that she just wanted to swim with everyone else. 

With all the chaos of planning, buy party supplies, and etc. I think I need to get off here and start planning her second birthday...NOW! 


  1. Hey girl! I tried to respond to your email yesterday but it came up as a no-reply email. So...what's up!?
    BTW this party is SUPER cute! Love love love the cake!

  2. this was so much fun! you have such a precious little girl and i loved celebrating this day with you and your family. Thanks for inviting me and I'm glad my pictures were useful. :)

    oh, and if i ever have kids there is a very high chance I'm going to steal this idea and i expect you not to tell my kids they're having a hand-me-down birthday theme, k? :)


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