Monday, July 20, 2015

4 years: little love letters

My favorite little baby girl,

YOU'RE 4!! You told Grandma, "It takes a long time to be 4!" You've been waiting ALL year for this! 

You're the smartest 4 year old I know. 

You've got the biggest heart for you little brother. You want to be the best big sister every. And you already are!

You have the sweetest spirit. You are so worried about doing what is right that even hours after you've done wrong you'll apologize. 

You love going to school. You love to learn knew things. Learning to write. You love books. 

Going to church is the highlight of your week. You love to talk about Jesus and Heaven. In fact, that's all you talk about every single time we are in the car together. 

You're going to do great things baby girl! You already have! 

Everyone gets a "birthday" in preschool. Even when it isn't their real birthday. Everyone is celebrated. You were last as you were the closest birthday to summer. Here is you on your "school birthday." 

Here you are on your actual birthday. We planned to celebrate at the Splash Pad, but it was a rainy day so we celebrated at the church instead. We did painting crafts, Popsicle, and bubbles outside. You didn't even miss the Splash Pad. You wanted a Frozen party. Of course...

One our your favorite presents was this little pool from Nanny Wanda and Papa Ronnie. 
Here are a few pictures from your year of becoming 4!

First day of preschool

First time at the Warren Theater seeing the new Cinderella movie. 

First pedicure with Mommy. 

First Girls Night Out with Mommy. We went for Sushi with friends. You had fried rice. 

Big snowfall of 2014.

Helping Papa Wayne rake the leaves. 

First time bowling. It was your last day of Preschool. Nanny Carol came with us, too. 

Going to a check up with brother. 

"Star princess" face paint from the Green Corn Festival. You look forward to the Green Corn Festival every summer. 

Swimming at Aunt Cindy's house. 
Preschool homework was "a lot of work." 
Once you got the hang of writing some letters, you wanted to write on everything. 

You wanted to learn to write Mommy and Daddy's names. You did so well!! 

4th of July. First time doing a sparkler. 

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  1. Oh how I love this sweet girl! One of the most beautiful girls I know and Aunt Launi thinks she has the best heart too. Can't wait to see the great things God has in store for her.


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