Monday, July 20, 2015

Easter 2015

We had lots of activities this Easter. Hadley was able to do three egg hunts. Hadley had an Easter program at school. We made Resurrection Rolls. Attended "A Walk With Jesus" event at church. Easter morning at church. Lunch with family. And at some point I know Hadley also dyed eggs. 

Hadley's Easter program at school. She was so proud of her little dress. She had two Easter dresses this year because I bought her a dress she had picked out. Then her Aunt Vickie bought her this dress. We decided she would wear the dress Aunt Vickie got her to her school program. Then she could wear the dress she picked out for church, Easter morning. 

Resurrection Rolls!
These were so fun for Hadley. If you have never done Resurrection Rolls you need to google the recipe and make them next year. The concept is that you use a marshmallow. You prepare it with oil and spices like they prepared Jesus' body. Then you put it in the roll like the  cloths they covered him with. Then you put him in the tomb (oven) and when you pull them out the marshmallow is gone just like Jesus is Risen! I know this will now be a yearly tradition for us.

Hadley & Hayden Easter morning. 

All of us Easter morning in front of the tomb. We had a live program the night before called "A walk with Jesus" that goes through the story of the Jesus' death and resurrection. 

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