Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Favorites: Baby Edition

***These reviews are not paid or sponsored! Just some of my favs.***

This Friday Favorites is all about baby! Being a first time mother, I was given lots of advice. Some good, some pointless, and some just plain annoying - but that's ok :) I'm getting better about taking to heart advice that matters and not getting so frustrated when people get annoying with their unsolicited advice. Anyway...

Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe
I attribute this product to the reason Hadley began sleeping through the night around five / six weeks and has been sleeping great since then. It is always suggested that swaddling a newborn / infant makes them feel safer because they are so used to be all snug in the womb. I'm, personally, not the best "swaddler with a blanket." The Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe is a lifesaver and so easy to use! SIDS research has shown that swaddling an infant also aides in prevents SIDS because it immobilizes the infant so they cannot roll over. Obviously, as the baby grows they are able to "bust out" of the swaddle and move their arms freely. Hadley is now 7 months old and I still use the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe with her every night. I wasn't sure how long you are supposed to swaddle a baby. I asked her Pediatrician about it. He said there is no real time to stop. If it makes them feel safer and easier for them to sleep then do it as long as you want. Of course, as soon as I lay Hadley down she busts her arms out and as she wakes in the morning she busts her legs out. I guess, since she knows how to get out, I will swaddle her until she grows out of it :)
Playtex VentAire Bottles

Love love love these bottles! The Playtex VentAire is designed to suck the air out of the bottle to simulate "burping" a drop in bag. These bottles eliminates having to buy bags and having to "burp" the bag. Genius, I tell you! This is the first and only bottles we tried with Hadley. She did well with them so we still use them.

Formula "to-go" divider

This little contraption is a must have item for mommie's on the go! This holds and divides 3 servings of formula for a bottle. Then you just turn the lid to what ever serving you need and pour it directly into a bottle and it's ready to go.

Pacifier Wipes

These pacifier wipes are so handy. The ingredients include Arm & Hammer Baking soda and water. These are useful for those little babies and their little games they like to play such as "Oops I purposely accidentally dropped my binkie, pick it up!" Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Sometimes you aren't really at a place or in a situation to run to the bathroom to wash the binkie. These are great for those situations. Wipe it off and you go. Oh, and!!!!! I event tasted one, one day, to see if they left a funny taste on the binkie - they don't. That's always a plus! :)

Beaba Cook babyfood maker

This is a babyfood maker. This is the exact babyfood maker that I use.  This runs for about $130 - $150. Luckily, I was able to borrow it from a friend. With the Beaba Cook, you're able to steam the veggies/fruits and puree the food all in the same bowl. I love that it's an "all in one" machine because that means less to clean up! As your baby gets older you can just steam food in there for bit size pieces and not have to puree them. You can also use this setting to just warm food up. Even though the Beaba Cook is pricey you make up the price for how much money you save in just a few months time. For example: 1 sweet potato costs between $0.60 - $0.90. That 1 sweet potato makes about 12 servings of baby food. To buy 1 jar of pre-processed babyfood costs about $0.90. Need I say more? It's worth the money. Plus, you know exactly what's going into your baby's food. I'm not bashing store bought baby food at all! I feel my baby store bought food. You can buy some really great organic foods. I'm just saying it is a real money saver to make your own.

Whether you're pregnant, buying gifts for a baby shower, or hope to be a parent one day - hopefully you found this post useful. What are your favorite baby items?

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