Thursday, February 9, 2012


...Make me nearly have anxiety attacks!!!!!!

I started my "Friday Favorites" posts 2 weeks ago. This was with full intent to post every Friday. Obviously, I missed last Friday. But let me tell you why!


I was harbouring secrets in my household. I was keeping a secret from my husband.

You see, Lee finally finished his Paramedic clinicals last Tuesday (1/31/2012). His class had to go to a lecture in OKC last Thursday (2/2/2012).

To make a long story short: I got together with his mom and planned a mini-vaca in OKC. Yeah, I know, there isn't anything exciting or "vacation"- like about OKC, but it was fun. We went to college in Moore and most of our friends still live in the Moore/Norman area.

But of course there was a crimp in the plan. The Tuesday before I was supposed to leave Hadley started acting funny. I don't know how else to explain it, but funny. She just wasn't herself. She isn't a fussy baby, but she was being exceptionally fussy. Then Wednesday after her morning nap she woke up crying which she NEVER EVER does. I just had a gut feeling and rushed her to the doctor. Of course, she had a double ear infection. My heart broke. My baby girl was hurting and I had no idea. I know, I know...there was no way for me to know since she can't talk, but I still felt terrible.

Then there was the big question of: could I go through with the over night plan? could I leave my baby girl over night without me while she had her first ear infection? would she get worse while I was gone? would she be upset with me for leaving her while she was sit? So many questions. After a long Wednesday of secretly crying (because I couldn't tell Lee the plan) and debating I decided to go through with my plan and that she would be fine. Hadley never ran a fever or never acted like she even felt terrible. Luckily, all things worked out fine. Hadley was fine. She never got worse and is getting better.

Now jump to Thursday morning:

I get up and rush around to finish packing, shower and get ready before Haddles woke up, then get her over to her grandparents before 7:30 am! Everything went smoothly and I was off...

Lee had no idea I was coming. When he came out of the building where the lecture was being held his first thought was that something had happened back home and I came to get him. Once, I explained to him what was going on I think he was excited? lol. Neither one of us show "excited" emotion well, so I can't blame him.

Our over night stay consisted of: lunch at my favorite yummy Mexican restaurant, movie at Lee's favorite theater, swimming / hot tub at the hotel, dinner with our friends, shopping at Hastings. It was so fun and a much needed break for him.

It was our first time leaving Hadley without at least one of us. I was ok as long as I didn't think about it :( But little Haddles was so excited when we got home. She kept going from my arms to Lee's arms and back and forth and back and forth. She was so excited that she was panting like a dog. Haha!

Time and money well spent, I think!

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  1. I'm so proud of you for doing a surprise!! Look at you go! Oh and sweet Hadley I can just see the excitement on her face when Mommy and Daddy came back!


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