Monday, February 20, 2012

Not so much.

Friday Favorites posts? Not so much. I have good intentions. I promise. I have them started and some fully prepared. I just can't seem to remember to publish them on Friday. WELL...I do remember, but just not until Monday :)

I'll do better this week. Really. I mean, I will definitely try harder! ;)

But here is a little week recap:

Tuesday was Valentine's day. That night me and my husband, Lee, went to Osaka's for dinner. Hadley went to spend time at Nammy and Papa's house. We only go to Osaka's for special occassions. Since my birthday was Friday (2/17/2012) I proposed that we go to Osaka's on V-day for V-day/birthday celebration. It was fun!

Wednesday we had a Valentine's banquet at church that night. Just yummy food and fellowship.

Thursday I went to Locust Grove to have our taxes done. Hallelujah, we do NOT have to pay in this year! I'm ecstatic about this one!

Friday was my 24th birthday. I honestly, assumed we would stay home and just hang out. I mean, we already "celebrated" it with dinner at Osaka's a few nights earlier. Well, Lee decided that me cooking dinner on my birthday wasn't acceptable. We went out for Mexican :)

Saturday I spent the day with an old friend and her little girl. This time was much needed and so fun catching up. It's crazy to spend time with a friend that you've known your whole life. Then watch our little girls play together. This by far is one of the strangest things about having a child. Anyone else?

Sunday we had church and family dinner at my grandparents house to celebrate my birthday and my aunts birthday, which is tomorrow. Sunday afternoon was spent over at a new friend's house and a great little treat that I'll post about later :)

I never really do "re-caps" but I figured since I can't remember to do other prepared posts then why not?

Have a lovely day!

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