Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Favorites: Movie Edition

***These reviews are not paid or sponsored. Just some of my favs.***

I was never much of a movie watcher until I met my husband. He will watch a movie over a tv show any day. I'm the polar opposite. But with that being said, I do have a few favorite movies :)

1. Forrest Gump: Forrest Gump has always been my favorite movie. I'm not really sure why either. I remember watching it on tv when I was younger. There isn't anything in particular about this movie that I love other than the fact that it's been around forever and forever remains a good movie. By no means is it a "good and clean" movie. Sex, drugs, cheating, alcohol, and abuse...ya know all the terrible things LOL.

2. Pride and Prejudice: My senior year of high school, my English teacher had us read this book. I didn't really understand it well. If you've read Pride and Prejudice you know they speak Old English? Is that right??? Anyway, after we finished the novel we watched the movie. It was when we watched the movie that I fell in love with the book. I know, that's a little backwards. Usually, people love the book more than the movie. But honestly, I'm not a book person. The movie really helped (showed me) the plot and relationships between the characters. When reading in Old English, it gets a little confusing to follow all of that stuff. Maybe it's just me... Either way, Pride and Prejudice will remain my favorite love story. What I love about it is that it's not your typical. Boy meets girl, falls in love, and lives happily ever after. In this story, the boy and girl originally don't even like eachother. They don't get along. One is of "high class" than the other. It's a "could really happen in real life" kind of love story. **I also liked how accurate the movie followed the book!!**

3. Elf: This is my favorite holiday movie. When I was pregnant with Hadley I watched Elf every single day (literally, this is not an exaggeration! Ask Lee!) the entire month of December. I'm not sure why I even did this. I just really liked the movie so I kept watching it over and over and over. (I do the same thing with songs I like. I'm slightly OCD about things.) So this December, I watched Elf again. One day I was folding laundry in our bedroom. I went and got Hadley and laid her on the bed and forced her to watch it with me. I think she kind of enjoyed it :)

4. Walk the Line: I love Johnny Cash. This is also thanks to my husband. When I saw Walk the Line I fell in love with the love story of June Carter and Johnny Cash (also a "could happen in real life / not fairy tale like" love.) I'm a sucker for anything that is a true story or documentary - like. To my understanding, Walk the Line is a pretty accurate portrayal of their lives.

5. The Jackson 5: An American Dream: OK PEOPLE: I have a slight obsession with the Jacksons. I love MJ, but I reallllllly love the Jackson 5. This movie would come on tv every single Thanksgiving and Christmas season for weeks at a time. I would watch it every time it was on. My aunt told me one time that it was when I was watching this movie that I discovered Michael Jackson was originally black. haha! This is one of my fondest memories growing up - probably because it was so constant every year. I remember many times, my whole family would sit and the living room and watch it. Which speaking of, watching this movie is a task! With commercials and all it is about 5 hours long. No lie! (We DVR'd it once!) But it is well worth every minute!

After writing all this and thinking about why I love these movies, I'm now reconsidering what my "favorite" actually is ;)

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