Friday, January 6, 2012

Hadley's first Christmas - 2011

Holidays are such a whirl wind. They get so busy and then we rush to break down decorations and get the house back into running order. This holiday season in particular seemed extra crazy. So crazy that I just now realized I haven't posted about Hadley's first Christmas!!! How did I miss this? Let's start at the beginning.

We had family pictures done this year to give out as Christmas gifts. We kept them a secret until Christmas, hence why we didn't send out Christmas cards. Please, don't be offended that you didn't get a card this year. We enjoyed getting everyone else's cards, though. Hoping to send them out next year! :)
Lee's grandparents on his Dad's side celebrate Christmas the weekend before (12/17/2011) Christmas every year. They do a big breakfast and the whole family comes over all day. We eat, open gifts, and play dominoes. Well, I don't play dominoes. I don't really understand the game. But everyone else plays, if they want to.

Since Lee's schedule, with Paramedic school, has been completely all over the place he did not get to come to the big family Christmas that Saturday. We planned to RE-celebrate with his grandparents on the following Monday (12/19/2011). This is the day Hadley was able to open her gifts from Nanny and Papa.
Hadley digging into her stocking with Nanny Wanda & Papa Ronnie
Christmas morning was so exciting this year! Hadley was very excited too. She always seems to know when something is "up." That morning I got up and made breakfast. We ate breakfast and right as we finished Hadley woke up. We went to get her from bed and we all came in the living room to open gifts. 

Hadley Christmas morning - 2011

Hadley enjoying her Christmas gifts from Santa Clause, Mommy, & Daddy.
After we opened gifts we got ready for the day. We headed to church for the Christmas service that morning. After church we headed to Lee's parents house. We opened gifts there then we headed next door to his grandparents house for lunch and more gifts. 

Hadley in her Christmas dress - 2011
Hadley opening gifts. This is a baby doll she got that laughs. It's very cute. I'm not sure what she thinks of it.
The next day Lee had to go back to work, but he got off work at a decent time. We went to my grandparent's house to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family that night.

Hadley opening her big gift from Grandma and Punkin - an exersaucer. She isn't too sure about this yet, since she is really into crawling right now.
Lee's Great - Grandmother had her gallbladder removed about three weeks before Christmas. The surgery did not go well. The family was given bad news and everyone played it day by day. Grandmother made it through Christmas, but she ended up passing away Dec. 29, 2011 about 10:30 am. She lived a long, good life. She lived 97 years. Luckily, we were able to go over to a few times to see her and spend time with her before her passing. We got a few pictures of her and Hadley together. What a treasure these pictures will be for Hadley when she is older.
Hadley & Grandmother - 3 weeks before her passing.


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