Thursday, January 5, 2012

Slow Cooker BBQ chicken and cheesy bacon potatoes

I found a recipe for slow cooker steak and baked potatoes. I tried it out and it was amazing!! It was so easy and so yummy!!!!

To put it all in the slow cooker you need to either spray cooking spray on the bottom or (like I did) lay a piece of foil on the bottom. Place meat on bottom. Then lay a piece of foil on top of the meat. Then wrap your potatoes in foil and place them on top. Put the lid on and cook ALL DAY on LOW.

The next week I started thinking about the same "concept" of that meal. I replaced the steak with some frozen chicken breasts and added BBQ sauce on top. Same meal - different meat! Also, instead of having baked potatoes, I cooked the potatoes the same, but I made them "chessy bacon potatoes." These are just a little concoction a whipped up one day. They are a mix between potato skins and cheese fries. They are not heart healthy to say the least so I don't make them often. But for the night BBQ chicken and cheesy bacon potatoes were a good splurge that night. Here are a few pictures of that meal.

This is how it should look all piled in the slow cooker.

Lee suggested this BBQ. It's really good!

Fried bacon for the potatoes

After the potatoes are cooked a spread a tiny tiny bit of butter on each half. Then I sprinkle each half with Seasoned Salt.

Add shredded cheese. We like them extra cheesy. Don't judge us!
I said it wasn't heart healthy!!!

Finished product! Soo yummy and so easy since it all basically cooks in the slow cooker.


  1. YUM.. Def. want some of those cheesy potatoes right now!!

  2. This looks delish!! I'm going to be trying this!! Thanks for sharing!


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