Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Favorites: Easy Livin'

***These reviews are not paid or sponsored! Just my personal opinions***

I've been so out of the blogging loop. My computer had a few viruses so I haven't been able to get on it much. Thankfully, we've got it fixed...for now at least! I've been working on this post on and off for awhile and I've been wanting to start a "Friday Favorites." Well, it just so happens today is Friday :) Here ya go!

There are things around my house that I use every single day. There are other things that I don't use every day, but I'm thankful to have when I do use that item. I began thinking about these items I thought, "These items aren't exactly necessary to maintain life. This stuff just makes life easier or a bit happier!" Here are some of my current favorites!
Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker
The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker is a jewel! We drink gallons of sweet tea in our house. At my house, growing up, we would just make tea on the stove or run in through the coffee pot. Obviously a tea MAKER seems like an obvious choice :) We got this when we got married and we use it all the time. It's pretty neat because it is seat up with line labeling the side of the pitcher of how far to fill it with water to fill it. Those lines are great and all, but I never use them all. I just fill the pitcher to the first water line and make the tea. Then we add the sugar and water to whatever "level" we want. I love that we use this pitcher for tea and only tea. Everyone needs to get one!

Slow Cooker
I love my slow cooker. I'm not partial to any particular brand. Actually, I have two slow cookers and both of them are different brands. As a mother of a 7 month old, sometimes a dinner cooked on the stove just doesn't happen. Slow cooker meals are just as good or better anyway!! I think a slow cooker is a must have for any household with busy people who are "on the go!" Plus, it's fun to see what all you can throw in the slow cooker and/or try new recipes and see the results. There's just something impressive, to me, about a meal made in one pot!

basic laundry basket
I seem to have an overwhelming amount of laundry baskets at my house. More importantly I have many uses for a laundry basket. Anyone else? Well, it's no secret that I hate doing laundry. So, of course, many of my baskets are filled with laundry for many days ;) But I also have been finding new uses for my baskets. One basket now resides on the fireplace in our living room filled with some of Hadley's toys. Another basket resides outside of Hadley's room and is filled to the brim with comfy cozy quilts. This basket serves as a little "bed" for Hadley to lay in while she watches me get ready in the bathroom. LOL. Call me crazy, but she loves the little spot. Many, many uses I tell ya...

Summer Video baby monitor

This is a picture of the exact baby monitor we use. WE LOVE IT! This picture on the monitor really is as clear as indicated above. This monitor is very slim, not bulky like most. The screen is very large for a clear picture. The speaker catches every little movement. It really was worth the extra money. Another cool little feature is that when it's day time or the nursery light is on, the picture is color. At night, the picture is "night time" quality. (Not necessary, but neat!) I love this because Hadley is so good about playing in her bed by herself. Sometimes I will need to shower, fold clothes, make the bed, etc... and I am able to lay her in bed while she play, yet still keep an eye on her. SO handy! 
Scentsy Pot Warmers

This is a Scentsy pot and scent block. I'm sure everyone knows what a Scentsy is now. They are "all the rage." LOL (do people even say that now? ha!) I have one Scentsy pot in our front room and I have one in our living room. The one in the living room is a knock off Scentsy. I believe it is a Better Homes and Gardens brand? I'm not sure, but either way it works just as well. Recently, I also gave in to trying out some scents that were also knock off and they work just as well, too! These make the house smell fresh and feel homey! 

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