Monday, March 26, 2012

...and you get tomatoes

"We have nothing in common. Honestly, I don't even know why we ever started talking as friends to begin with? I mean, I cannot think of one thing we could have to talk about!"---This is how the conversation started. But it's the truth, I tell you! Me and my husband really have nothing in common.

...not music.
...not movies.
...not books. 
Well maybe books. Neither one of us like to read ;)

He can "visualize" how a room will be built or look when furniture is arranged.
I cannot.
He likes activities that involve being outside, getting hot/sweaty, and getting dirty.
I do not. 
He likes to stay home to just "hang out."
I prefer to go, go, go.
His way of "re-cooping" is to be alone.
I like to be around people. 

We are polar opposites, people!

The only things we had in common, when we first met, was we were attending the same college and we are of the same religion / denomination affiliation. That's when I realized that religion is much more powerful than what I had originally thought it to be. Anyway, that religion is not where I was going with this although I could spend another hour talking about God's plan for our lives despite our differences...

All of that explanation to talk about gardening. Ha! 

Since we moved into our house and this part of town, people have been telling Lee that we have the "perfect soil" to plant a garden. We have that soft, sand-like, soil. Around here- that's a good thing. Our house backs up to Lee's aunt and uncle's house. His uncle has a pretty big garden. He does this every year. It's kind of his thing...

Well this year, Lee decided to try his hand at gardening. He and his grandpa got it started. A few weeks later, Lee decided it was time to plant the onions.

The back right corner, of the yard, is the garden.

After about a week he, then, decided he would go ahead and plant the cabbage. I was pretty excited he was planting this because I love cabbage. Lee, on the other hand, hate cabbage. He cannot stand the way it smells when it is cooked. He refers to it as "crappage." :-/

Then about four or five days later, he got antsy and decided to put out the lettuce. This was a Sunday afternoon. Hadley was down for her nap. I figured I would give gardening a "go."

Lettuce to be planted

Lee measuring how far the next lettuce plant needed to be placed.

Marking the "circle" for me to dig out.

Me digging out the spot for the lettuce plant :) Yes, I planted all four by myself!

Lee was pumped that I showed an interest in his hobby. Turns out his hobby was actually pretty fun. If you know me well, at all, you know that I've never done "hard, outside work" a day in my life. Gardening is slightly exhausting! HAHA! But it was fun.

What was most fun was spending time with him doing something he enjoys. We had time to talk about his schooling and work. We talked about new things Hadley has been doing or funny things she has been saying. We got to talk about and envision what we want our new deck to look like (coming this summer!!) with our new pool. Before I knew, we had been out there for three hours. But it was in that three hours that we realized we had nothing in common. That gardening was, now, our only common interest.

I found this little picture the other day and thought it was funny:

It's funny because as new parents, we don't have a lot of "down" time. We don't have a lot of time by ourselves to just talk without the background sounds of "bye-bye, baby, momma, dada, pat pat!" The three hours gardening was almost like therapy. More like "marriage counseling." Not counseling in the bad sense of "our marriage is on the rocks and we go to counseling so we don't divorce!" But counseling in the sense of just spending time together and talking about life. Having time together to just talk is just like counseling...and you get or we will get tomatoes! :)

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  1. Good job Heather I am proud of you for getting out there and getting your hands dirty. Your horizons are broadening! It looks like a very pretty garden and the tomatoes will be so yummy!! I am glad yall had some quality time! Can't wait to see what all comes up in your garden :)


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