Thursday, March 22, 2012

blessed beyond measure.

I'm naturally a nosey person. You are too - DON'T EVEN LIE, YOU ARE!

I enjoy reading blogs. I love to see a tiny glimpse into people's lives, home, and daily routines.

I follow a lot of "mom" blogs. I love to read about their pregnancies. Hear about their birth stories. See pictures of their cute little kiddos.

...But then there are days of heartbreak and pain.

There are the blogs of the moms whose children endure so much pain and suffering. The babies born with problems, that as a mother, you cannot fix.

I read these blogs of these Mommy's crying out to God for help, relying of the doctors, and clinging to every laugh, smile, or kiss from their baby because it may be their last.

I read so many blogs about babies with heart defects...babies who have died of S.I.D.S....babies who have unexplained brain tumors....babies who have rare illnesses. All of these which have inevitably taken their little lives.

My heart cannot help, but ache for these families. When you plan (or do not plan) to become pregnant, you never ever consider that you baby may have a problem. It's not something you plan on or sign up for. And as hard as it is to imagine or even understand - God planned it. He chose each mother to carry that special baby. He knew the road would be hard, but that's why he chose that Mommy.

I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to know your child has a problem that you cannot fix. And not only can you not fix it, you are relying on others to help.

I'm so thankful that my Hadley was born so perfectly. I had a healthy pregnancy. I have a healthy baby girl. It's when I'm browsing through the "blog world" that I remember how blessed we are just to be normal.

My heart nearly bursts when I look at these faces and realized how lucky we are to have them! Happy and healthy! 


  1. Yes, I am in tears now and we are so truly blessed. I thank the Lord we have been given these precious little ones. I love those gorgeous faces.

  2. When we buried Karoline, I prayed that my family and friends would never have to experience loss like that. So thankful for your sweet and healthy Hadley girl. Sweet post, Heather:)


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