Wednesday, March 28, 2012

new meaning

I'm a music person. I feel there are so many times in life when I'm feeling a certain way, but I cannot find the words to express myself. Then a song magically plays and that's exactly how I'm feeling. 

I've also found that there are songs that take on a new meaning throughout different stages of life. The song "Thoughts of You" by Barlow Girl is one of those multi-purpose-stage-of-life songs. The song is written as to be sung to God. At a time in my life, that was, and will always be, completely relevant. 

As I got older, went to college, met a boy who changed my life... The song took on a new meaning. This song was played at our wedding.
"...I love you. My heart is yours, only yours..."

After two years of being married we welcomed a little baby girl into the world and into our lives. And again... The song took on a new meaning. I play this song to Hadley every single night as she is falling asleep. 
"Thoughts of you and how you've changed me, fill my mind."

But the foundation and the truth of the song has always been the same:
"God I never could repay You. You gave everything." 

"Thoughts Of You"

Thoughts of You and how You changed me
Fill my mind
Without You where would I be

So even though I've tried to express my thanks
It never comes out how I hoped
I want to say so much more so with these simple words
I'll try

I love You
My heart is Yours, only Yours
I long to give You all of me
My everything, my everything

God I never could repay You
You gave everything
Without You where would I be

You still loved me even when I
Pushed You away
You stood there and waited
Till the day I'd return

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