Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites: Primp & Pamper

***These reviews are not paid or sponsored. Just some of my favs.***

I know, I know. I always say I have good intentions with weekly "Friday Favorites," yet they never seems to appear. I'm pathetic. LOL. Here we go...

1. TRESemme' hair spray: this by far seems to be my favorite hair spray. A problem I find in a lot of hair sprays is that they stay sticky even after they dry. This is just disgusting to me, for some reason. Every time I try a new spray and end up hating it, I find myself going back to this. Good job, TRESemme'. This one is a winner. 

2. Teasing brush: Thanks to my friend Krysten - I, now, have a short hair cut that requires teasing. I'm not a good "hair teaser." My hair isn't good at being teased. But this teasing brush (given to me by my friend, Kelsie!) is a great little tool. It works much better than a comb! 

3. Revlon Eyeshadow: All through college, I was a black/silver/gray eye-shadow-colored-wearer. HAHA! Before I had Hadley, me and my friend Katie ventured to the mall to the make up stores. I asked about something quick and easy for a "mom-to-be" that would work with my eye color and skin tone. They suggested purples. GREAT- thats my favorite color :) I went to Wal-Mart and found a set of purples/grays. (It comes in a pack just like the ones in the picture, but of course mine isn't in the picture!) I love it! It looks more natural than my silvers/blacks. 

4. Falsies Mascara: This stuff works magic people. MAGIC! I have NO eye lashes. Well, I mean, I have some... But not many. They are short, thin, and don't curl. Falsies makes me look like I have more lashes than I do. By no means do they look "false" as implied by their name, but it is a great product none the less! 

5. Make - up wipes: Who has time to wash their face then fight to get all their mascara off? Not this girl. Make up wipes is the way to go! :) Just try it! You'll never go back to soap and water. I promise!

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