Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Titus turns 2

I've been M.I.A. for a few weeks now. Nothing too exciting has happened.

Although, I experienced my first JBF (Just Between Friends) event. That was overwhelming!!!! Clothes. Shoes. Toys. High Chairs. Piles. Racks. EVERYWHERE! You see, in events such as JBF, I get overwhelmed very easily. There was just so much to look at and so many people there! AH! I didn't go looking for clothes or toys or any of those type things because I figured with having 3 baby showers in April that I should be pretty well stocked up on NEWBORN things. She won't be big enough to play with the cool toys or wear the cute clothes they had there. Of course they had things for newborns, but why by it myself when I'm going to be having showers? I went to JBF looking to buy a crib and changing table of my own. But by the time we got there there were only about 3 or 4 beds left and about 3 changing tables. All of which were priced as if they were brand new (and OBVIOUSLY weren't) and changing tables that I thought were a little pricey for needing to be painted. I opted out of buying either of those items.

I did find a really cute (and brand new looking) diaper bag for $15! I snatched that baby up! It is brown and teal with a circle design. I want a lot of "unisex" things that I can use next time I have a kid -- just in case its a boy! I also found 2 little decorations for her room. So all in all I bought nothing I went after, but hey on the bright side I didn't spend a lot of money either ;-)

Since I didn't find what I was looking for at JBF I hit the internet and started searching for a bed. This is what we ended up ordering from Walmart.com: (posted the link because I couldn't get a clear picture)


The bed, changing table, and shelves tower should arrive sometime this week!!!!

Another reason the day of JBF was so hectic was because it was also my nephew's 2nd birthday! Since his birthday was that ACTUAL day we, of course, had to squeeze in a birthday party! We planned on having it at Chuck-e-Cheeses, but that place was PACKED!! I mean, only standing room inside with no free tables. That didn't work. Then we thought about Incredible Pizza. I thought for SURE that would be the answer because that place is so big... but NOPE. Incredible Pizza was so busy that they had a waiting list for parties larger than 10. Sheesh. We all frantically thought, "ok, what's another place with a play area for the kids?" Chick-fil-a to the rescue!!!! Not the plan, but it worked.

I made Titus' birthday cake this year. Here are a few pictures of his cake and him on his big day:

(the cake)

(Titus Boy enjoying one of the "wheels" of the car)

(Opening his gifts)

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