Monday, March 28, 2011

I have to confess...

I'm a junkie. A reality t.v. junkie. It doesn't help that a lot of my closest friends are JUST AS BAD as me!!! The true problem is, is that it is not just one or two or even three reality shows here and there. It's minimum 10 reality shows. 10 shows that if I miss I feel like I don't know what's going on in the world. You would think I would feel that way if I missed the news or something, but the truth of the matter is I don't even watch the news!! Reality t.v. is where it's at, people ;) I probably really need therapy for my addiction. They always say "admitting you have a problem is the first step." So here it goes:

My name is Heather and these are my top 10 reality t.v. show addictions:

1. "Jersey Shore": Yes, as trashy as it is (I know...) I compulsively watch with anticipation of the next episode. I'm going through the 5 stages of grief right now as the season finale was last week :( Best part of the Jersey Shore? 2 things: 1) Pauly D being the funniest person on television. NO LIE! 2) Wishing/Hoping that Snooki & Vinny become bf/gf.... If they don't next season I will be very disappointed!

2. "The Real World; Las Vegas": I watch The Real World every season. This season I am less than impressed. I think it's mostly because they have done "The Real World; Las Vegas" before. When I saw this season would be another Vegas season I was skeptical and for good reason. You can't re-do Vegas. These kids just don't compare. But with all that being said, I will continue to watch. I can't help it. Maybe it will get better??? :-/

3. "Keeping Up with the Kardashians": Also including, but not limited to: "Kourtney and Khloe take Miami" and "Kourtney and Kim take New York." We will just have to see about "Khloe and Lamar." I don't know where to even start or what to say about these people. I often sit and watch their shows and just think or say out loud "these people can NOT be for real." I really do think that too. By no means do I think their shows are scripted because you can script a mouth/vocabulary such as Khloe Kardashian. But I do think certain arguments or situations are provoked. Entertaining none the less. With Kim always being the center of attention, Kourtney and her insanely cute baby and wacko baby daddy, and Khloe's  crude sense of humor (and language)...It's addictive!

4. "Holly's World": I loved Holly Madison on "The Girls Next Door" (yes, I know...Don't judge me!) She was always the pretty perfect girlfriend. When she left the mansion and got her own show I was excited. Season 1 was slightly disappointing. I will have to admit that it was disappointing because there wasn't enough "drama" involved in her life. It seemed so boring compared to other reality shows. But this season is shaping up to be much better than the previous. Not because there is lots of drama, but just because they have more going on in their lives. My only complaint: Laura Croft. Oh my lands. I think the poor girl lost her brain. Honestly. She is an air head to say the least.
5. "Bethenny Ever After": Oh Bethenny Frankel. There is no other women on television that reminds me so much of myself. Honestly. She is the FUNNIEST person alive. I truly believe that. But I have a very dry sense of humor. So if you like people who are funny and tell jokes and make you laugh that way - Bethenny Frankel may not be your type of person. She is very quick whited and sarcastic!  
6. "Kendra": She was my least favorite girlfriend on "The Girls Next Door" (again, don't judge!!). I began watching her show and I seem to enjoy her much more. To me, her show is the most "realistic" show of all reality shows. There is no drama. No petty girl fights. No arguments with friends. It is just her and her NFL husband trying to figure out life as newlyweds and as new parents. You watch them struggle as they move all over the country for the NFL and watch the toll it takes on their family. They are precious people.
7. "The Rachel Zoe Project": I love love love this show! And Rachel Zoe!! She is a close second to Bethenny Frankel as the funniest woman alive. Rachel Zoe, also, has the sarcastic, witty, sense of humor & I love it. Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist who works with everyone in the industry. The show is based on following her and her clients, her attending fashion shows, her designing her faux fur line, her styling people during fashion week, red carpet events, and everything stressful involved in fashion. One thing I love about her show is she is always give budget friendly fashion tips for the "average girl." Biggest down-fall of the show: her language. I sometimes have to fast forward (because you know I don't watch live t.v. thanks to DVR) thru some parts because her mouth can be too much.
8. "The Bachelor": along with 92.8% of the female population :) I did not get into "The Bachelor" until the Jason/Molly/Melissa season. Sometimes I get bored with the show. Every season is the same. Girl meets boy. Girls fight and argue. Girls fall in love with boy. Boy breaks girls heart and sends them home. Boy kisses one too many girls. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy proposes. Show ends and more often than not Boy and previously selected girl break up. Then everyone ends up on "Bachelor Pad" and that makes for a much more entertaining show than "The Bachelor" could ever be. But, still, I watch...
9. "Sister Wives": This show is so interesting to me!!!! As much as I do NOT agree with their life styles and their "biblical interpretation," they are intriguing. I guess I find it interesting because I've always wondered how the women in polygamist marriages dealt with their jealously, other wives, individual relationships with the husband. I love anything that has to do with human interaction. "Sister Wives" is just that! I love that the show does not make them seem so happy and everything is perfect all the time. They do address the jealously, the struggle with money, the having enough attention for each relationship to thrive. I feel bad for these people that they are being investigated by the police and their "marriage's" may be in trouble. Once again, I do not agree with their life styles. I do think it is wrong for him to be "married" to 4 different women. But they aren't hurting anybody. I'm sure there are other crimes and problems (that are actually hurting others) that the police could be addressing in their community.

10. "19 Kids and Counting": I truly have a love/hate relationship with this show. I love the show. I love their values and things they represent. I love that in all times they praise, thank, and acknowledge God. BUT... I hate that they have 19 kids. I feel bad for the 19 kids they are not getting enough individual attention from their parents. The fact that Jim-Bob (the dad) has SAID ON THE SHOW that he cannot list all of his kids birthdays because he just can't remember. That's sad! I hate that the older kids help raise their younger siblings. It's great when your older children want to help, but it's unacceptable when you have so many children that you RELY on your older kids to even raise all 19. I especially hate that they have no limits as to how many kids they will have. There IS a limit to what is considered "safe" for the female body. When Michelle's (the mom) life (along with the baby she is carrying) is in danger during pregnancy she needs to draw the line there. I understand with her last pregnancy it was a gallbladder issue, but her gallbladder isn't the only thing to blame for her blood pressure problem. The older she gets, and keeps having kids, the more unsafe it will become. Be responsible.

Now you all know my 10 deepest darkest secrets .... Ok maybe not to that extreme, but you get it....
It is funny to me that I talk about these people and these shows like I know them. I talk like we are BFF's and have a personal relationship with them. I need to get a life. haha! But until then, I will watch my shows and gossip and gab about these same shows to my other "reality t.v. junkie" friends. Especially one in particular (because she watches almost all of these same shows! and by most I mean 7 of the 10 listed)

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  1. Love it! If only you lived closer, we could have a reality tv party almost every night of the week! 2 hormonal gals=great tv watching! Oh, and there would be great food too:) btw-I watch 8 out of 10 of those shows!!!


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