Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DAY 16 {...& 17, 18, & 19}


I have missed a few ton of days in my blog challenge.
Obviously, I'm not good with this commitment. 

But you see, we {beebee} came down {on Thursday afternoon} with a case of the Hand, Foot, and Mouth Virus....AGAIN! So incredibly frustrating! 

So here I am: first day back to work, first day "virus free", first day blogging again. Lord help us all. 


{Sept. 19, 2012}
DAY 16:
"A photo of you and your family"

June 2011 - Hadley 1 day old.

December 2011 - Hadley's 1st Christmas.

June 2012 - Hadley's 1st birthday and Lee's 29th birthday.

Our family of 3
{Not to be confused by a family of 4.. Picture includes both of Hadley's feet!}
DAY 17:
"Your celebrity crush."

Call me weird, but I really don't have a celebrity "crush". Sure.. There are certain actors I prefer to others.
But I can't really think of an actor that I just think "Oh my gosh. He is smokin' hot {haha}. I love every movie he is in just because he is in it." 
Nope. Sorry. I'm not that girl. If you know me well at all, you know this to be 100% true. 
But some actors I do enjoy include:
- Anthony Hopkins {probably my #1 favorite actor}
- Denzel Washinnton
- Will Smith
- Channing Tatum

DAY 18:
"Something you crave a lot."

Here lately, I crave this... Orange Fanta.
Perfect summer drink :)
For dessert, I almost always want this:
Chili's brownie sundae
But let's get real for a second! I'm always craving this!! 
DAY 19:
"Another picture of yourself."

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