Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DAY 23.

{Sept. 23, 2012}
DAY 23:
"20 facts about you."

These things are always hard to me. I don't have many "secret" facts about myself. I'm a pretty open book. 
This may be boring.
Bare with me...

1. I wear contacts, but I really do prefer my glasses. Purely based on comfort.
2. I own, what I consider, my "dream" car.
3. I have recently discovered how well I enjoy pumpkin flavored things.
4. I was a full time stay at home mom, but I started working part time about a month and a half ago. 
5. I don't really want another child. Like ever. 
6. I like to sleep, a lot
7. I am an extrovert married to an introvert. Go figure.
8. I really like Target, but I don't go there often. So when I do go, it's exciting!
9. I love snow cones. 
10. I like when my hair is highlighted and blonde, but I'm too lazy to keep up with it.
11. I try to use proper English, grammer, and punctuation. 
12. I have a crooked finger. Not just a little bent, but like really crooked. 
13. When I have a bad day, I crave a fountain Pepsi and a Reece's candy bar. 
14. I make up songs so that my daughter does cute/funny things. ;)
15. I have a "butt-chin" and I have never been embarrassed by it.
16. I love pictures.  
17. Fall/Spring are my favorite seasons. {Hello, cooler weather!}
18. I hate summer, yet I have a pool that I lounge in for hours. 
19. Did I mention I like to sleep?...I need a nap, right now.
20. I play piano. Not well. I want to get better. I'm practicing.

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