Saturday, September 8, 2012

DAY 20.

{Sept. 20, 2012}
DAY 20.
"The meaning behind your blog name."

"Little Precious Moments in Time" - I originally created this blog when I was pregnant with Hadley. I wanted to document my pregnancy. I wanted to remember how my body changed, how I felt, what it was like to be pregnant. 

Then it turned into a blog to document all the "little precious moments" that I had with Hadley as she grew up. People always tell you, "it goes by so fast!" Or more recently what I've been hearing is, "You always think that you'll never forget how small they were or all the funny things they did, but you do." I wanted to have a way to keep track of Hadley's growth, her changes, funny things she does and says. I don't want to forget these little precious moments in time

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