Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's true... #2!!

You may or may not have heard by now but....

How I told Lee

Baby's first ultra sound

Nammy's reaction to grandbaby #4 on the way

Playing the game to tell everyone

17 weeks and 4 days (4/30/14)
Baby Brother is due October 4, 2014. Hadley has decided that she will name him "Pickle." She refers to him, daily, as either brother or pickle. Or even Brother Pickle. Whatever...

She took some convincing because she wanted a sister. But I think she has come around to the idea of a brother. She is already obsessed with him. She pretends she can just take him out and tote him around with her. They always play together. Take naps together. Which leads to fighting because "Mommy, pickle is taking my blankets!!!" They even take baths together. That can be problematic because Mommy forgets and leaves brother in the tub. Oops... She'll take care of him I'm sure.

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