Thursday, May 29, 2014

Winter 2014 recap

I wrapped up 2013 in my last post. 
But that still leaves the last 6 - ish months to catch up on too.
Here was our winter months:

This is Hadley and, my niece, Tatum. Tatum got into a horse riding accident at the beginning of the year. Literally like the first day or two of January. She injured her thumb pretty severely. This was a couple days after it happened. We (me and my SIL Launi - Tatum's mom) changed the bandaging on her thumb for the first time. Not the first time since the accident, but the first time a doctor hadn't done it. It was a rough 20 or so minutes trying to figure it all out and do it correctly - without inflicting more pain. After it was all said and done, Tatum had her pain medicine and was ready for bed. Hadley thought she needed to get in bed to comfort her. You can see in poor Tatum's eyes how out of it she was. I was so proud of her and how brave she was during this whole process. Since then she has begun riding again more regularly. She was really scared at first, but she quickly is overcoming her fear for her love of riding horses. 

Hadley has become quite the little reader. She really loves being read to, but also loves reading quietly to herself. Neither Lee nor I are readers. We try to encourage her to do it as much as possible. I've read more since having a two year old than I have in my whole life.
We had a few big snows this winter. Poor Haddles was sick every time it snowed so she hadn't got the chance to go outside and play in it. But the last time it snowed she was healthy and ready to get out there. We bundled her up and took her outside. She loved it! We were outside for I think two hours that day. She screamed when we came inside. And by "came inside" I mean when we had to pick her up and drag her in because she was not coming by herself.

My birthday is three days after Valentine's day. We usually just lump the two dates together. I don't mind doing this. I've never been a big Valentine's Day person. This year Lee took me to the jewelry store we always use (both my engagement and wedding ring came from this place. Plus other anniversary jewelry). He gave me a limit, but said I could buy anything I wanted. I had been eying these infinity rings on Pinterest for awhile. Well, just my luck, they had some diamond ones!
My mother in law helps out at her friends flower shop regularly. She is especially busy there on... you guessed it... Valentine's Day! After the holiday is finished they always have extra flowers. You either take them home or they are thrown away. Naturally, she brought them home. She let Hadley make me this arrangement. She was so proud of the flowers she made for me. She was very offended that I threw them away after they died! She was quick to let me know, "Why did you throw those away? I worked hard on that!"

Through the winter, Hadley constantly wanted watermelon and cantaloupe. How do you explain to a two year old that those two fruits aren't in season? Luckily, you find find pre-peeled-sliced-diced watermelon and cantaloupe year round at Wal-Mart and most grocery stores. Well, I discovered that Whole Foods selection of these fruits was cheaper than Wal-Mart or any other place around. Plus they came in much bigger quantities. Plus it was organic and better quality. And DOUBLE PLUS they have little baby shopper in training carts that Hadley is obsessed with. We made a weekly trip to Whole Foods to stock up on her watermelon and cantaloupe addiction. But we also had to go weekly because on my birthday, Lee had his tonsils out (horrific experience, but well worth it in the end). The only things he wanted to eat was fruit because it was cold and contained a lot of water to keep him hydrated. But seriously though... Those carts are too cute!

Hadley "upgraded" to a big girl bed! She loves it.

Over Spring Break, Hadley had her first big girl sleep over at her Aunt Cindy's house. Cindy invited over Hadley, her cousin Brylie, and their friend Rachel. She thought she was big stuff. 

So many changes and so many firsts for this little girl happened this winter.
First play in snow.
Big girl bed.
Big girl sleep over. 

...No wonder she thinks she is 13! 

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