Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer is beginning

There used to be this thing where the seasons would change gradually. 
Winter melts into Spring.
Spring jumps into Summer.
Then there is Oklahoma....
We don't really have Spring and Fall. Which is a shame!! Those two are my favorite. 
With Summer having quickly approached here are a few little updates thus far:
As I mentioned before in a previous post, Hadley is a reader. She loves to be read to or read to herself. She quickly memorizes books as well. You can read it to her once, twice, (at most) three times. By that point she will be finishing your sentences. Naturally, she calls this "reading by herself." (If you should know anything about Hadley it is that she can do anything and everything by herself!!) About a month ago, I began talking to her about the library. She instantly wanted to go right then and there. We couldn't at that time so we went the next day. I got her all signed up to have her library card. I showed her the section of books she could pick from. Her first trip she checked out eight books!! Read them all repeatedly. And was ready to go back.

Bubbles at cousin Shelby's house because the park was filled with the entire 4th grade of Bixby elementary.

Tea party in her Ariel mermaid dress

Hadley and Uncle Lucas at Aunt Leslie's college graduation. She did really well considering everyone hates graduations to begin with :)

Aunt Leslie and her nieces and nephew

Hadley playing with Aunt Cindy while everyone else takes pictures with Leslie

Hadley sitting outside at Aunt Leslie's graduation party. She found this little bench by herself and just sat there by herself. She was just happy to be outside in her favorite dress.

Daddy has been working a night shift for the last several months. It really isn't too bad, but recently I've started letting Hadley sleep in bed with me only if I know we have to get up early the next day. Lee insists I'm the only parent on the planet that actually likes to sleep with their child. That will come to an end as Lee's schedule is changing back to a day shift.

This is what happens when a two year old refuses to take a nap. She falls asleep in the chair while I work on the computer. This lasted a solid 45 minutes, at least!

Hadley has been asking for "pink cow boots" for the better part of a YEAR now! "Cow boots" are quite expensive. I don't even mean real ones that are intended for riding horses or the farm life. I mean just cheap, pretending cow girl boots. The cheapest I found was at Target for $27.99 - NO THANKS! Well, one day we were at Wal-Mart with Aunt Cindy looking at sandals. We went to another aisle and Cindy just so happened to find these "cow boots" on sale for $5! And wouldn't you know, they came in Hadley's size. What's funny is right before we found these, Hadley was just telling us about how she wanted "pink cow boots" for her birthday. When we found these and she tried them on she said, "I not wait 'til my birthday now. I want these!" LOL. For $5 you better believe I snatched them up. Of course, she insisted on wearing them to church in a full cow girl get up the next day.

Hadley found this wig at Nammy's house the other night. She put it on and began taking pictures of herself. She kept shaking her head back and forth. She has never felt so much hair before. It was hilarious!

Well that is Summer thus far...
I'm sure the rest of the summer will have a lot to offer.
It will also bring a time of change as we prepare for baby brother coming in the beginning of Fall
...or whatever we have of Fall.

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