Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring time 2014

Winter came and left. 
We moved into Spring time.
With warmer temperatures and lots of sneezing from allergies. Hello, Oklahoma!

One of the first warmer days this year, I took Hadley to the park. She loves to play outside, but our yard is filled with stickers in the grass. I can't take it. They are annoying and they get all over you. We have a local park that is just a few miles down the road from us. We try to go there frequently (time and weather permitting).

Of course to go with Spring time you also need some new sunglasses.

Quickly after upgrading to her big girl bed, Hadley potty trained herself through the night. I'm not joking. When we moved her into the big girl bed she was still wearing diapers at night. Usually at nap time as well (unless Lee would forget to put a pull up on her). We were about a week or two into being in the new big girl bed and she started waking up in the middle of the night. At first I thought, "Oh great. Here we go with the trying to get up and sleep in our bed." I was wrong. She was waking up because she needed to go potty. So I would take her and she would go straight back to bed. After two weeks of doing this consecutively, every  night, while in a diaper, I told Hadley that that weekend we would go buy a mattress cover for her bed (just in case) and new "night time panties." I wanted a cover to protect the bed for the accidents I knew would come later. I also wanted to get her training panties for night time since they are a little thicker. Well, much to my surprise, she never had an accident. She never had any problems getting up to go potty. Honestly, her first accident was just about three weeks ago (in my bed none the less, LOL).

Hadley has also discovered she likes wearing "big cozy shirts" to bed, like Mommy,  in the place of a pajama set. She found this "wow wow" truck shirt in her closet one night. She insisted on wearing the "Daddy truck" to bed.

I was getting ready one morning while Hadley was still asleep. I open my drawers to find this! Her blow dryer in the same drawer as my blow dryer. Her straightener in the same drawer as my straightener. Too smart for her own good, I tell ya!

Spring time is definitely more of her pace. 
She loves to be outside and playing.
She particularly likes to be out at her grandparents house trying to catch bunnies. She is never quiet enough. 
Go figure... 
Two year old, wild child. 

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