Thursday, May 29, 2014

Let's take it back... Wrap up 2013


I started this blog when I was pregnant with Hadley. I wanted to document every month I was pregnant with her. I want to remember all the little moments we have with her. 
There are so many other social media outlets that I seem to forget about my little blog. 
It's kind of sad when I think about it too. I'm a writer by nature. I enjoy doing it. I feel like I'm fairly decent at it. Yet, it's the one thing I completely neglect. 

I should make a resolution to keep up with this better. 
Oh wait!! I had a good post about 2014 resolutions ... that I forgot to write :)
Anyway, I figured since I haven't updated since September then I needed to just do a big "wrap up" post for the rest of 2013.So here we go. Be prepared for lots of pictures and probably not many words.

Hadley at Charmichael's Pumpkin Patch.

Hadley trying to pick out a pumpkin. She wasn't really "in to it" this year.

The stencil she chose for her pumpkin. She liked it because it was like "Monster's INC."

Hadley digging out and carving her pumpkin with Daddy.
Hadley's Wednesday night class at church painting pumpkins. This was the first time she had done this. She loved it.

Hadley had two costumes this year. During the day she was Minnie Mouse.  Cutest Minnie I've ever seen :)

Trunk-OR-Treat at church; We made a castle to go along with Hadley's second costume.

Costume #2: Cinderella

I forgot to have her two year old pictures taken. So me and her cousin Shelby took her to the park around two and a half years to try and get some pictures. I think we did pretty decent considering we have no idea what we are doing.

Around Thanksgiving, we all had family pictures done at Lee's parent's house. This is my favorite :)

Family picture in front of the Christmas tree after decorating the house all day.

Hadley seeing Santa Clause. This went much better than I anticipated. She loved him.

Hadley at Nammy's house (with her cousins) making gingerbread houses. She was so proud of her little "castle."

Christmas morning with her gifts from Santa and Mommy and Daddy.

The cousins at Nammy's house for Christmas round 2. 

That wraps up 2013!
It's crazy to look back at the pictures from what seems like not that long ago and already see such a change in Hadley and how she has grown.
The one thing I love most about Hadley is how eager she is to do everything.
She is excited for every holiday.
She is ready for most all new experiences.
She wants to try everything "all by myself!!"
We aren't rich. We can't give her everything she wants and probably everything we want to give her.
But she doesn't care (nor does she know).
She is so happy to do and have everything she does.
She loves her little life.
And I love her.

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